Diary of a new writing project. Day 25: working in a coffee shop

This week word count goal: 25 000 words
Word count goal so far:

It works for some authors. For me, drafting in a coffee shop is simply as effective as working in my little writing nest at home.
I love my writing nest. There’s a blue couch, a soft cushion with a cute bird on it. There’s the kettle downstairs, the pictures of my kiddo scattered around in the two bookshelves guarding my tiny desk. It’s So Comfy.
Pluuus: fart-free zone. You gotta love those!

On rare occasions, I am forced to go to work in a coffee shop. Inevitably, I end-up pretending to work and spying on other customers. I also often end-up with a bit of a bellyache…

This morning, there was an odd duo sitting at a table decently far away from my comfy chair, but they were having a lively discussion in a relatively quiet place.
One of them was an energetic, literate elderly woman, a therapist of some sort, I am pretty sure, since the guy she was meeting up was at least 30 years younger, athletic type, fresh out of university, maybe.
Anyway, she was there to help him overcome some issues, I think.
I would stare at them from time to time.
And I would look at the lovely retiree lady with her two walking sticks, looking a bit like a tall hobbit (she was wearing shoes – fall weather is pretty cold around here).
Then, two businesswomen sat nearby and oh, they were not there to enjoy their coffee and talk about their love life, no sir no!

I was not able to focus on work. So, I had to make up for it tonight.
First end results: very little creative writing done tonight.
Second end results: so behind word count wise!

I know, every word counts. But I am so, so, so on a deadline with this book, I really have to step up my game here.
According to what I read on literary agency blogs and from fellow aspiring authors, in the YA sector, we are in the middle of the paranormal come-back attempt trend, and that will reach its peak very soon.
The selling clock is ticking.

Yes, it still saddens me a little to think of stories as product to sell.
But so they are; the best, most awesome ones ever !

Thank you for reading.
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Until next time!

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