Diary of a new writing project. Day 26-27: The love interest

I’ll tell you what happened.
There’s a very simple explanation.
Here it is – hold on to your writers hats:

Word count goal this week: 25 000 words
Word count goal so far: 15 435 words

I would love to conclude this week of drafting YA-WIP on a super positive, energetic, happy note.
But I am falling nearly 10 000 words behind schedule… Argh!

What happened? Beside work, stress, life… Well.
I’ll tell you what happened.
There’s a very simple explanation.
Here it is – hold on to your writers hats:

the « starting a new writing project syndrome » magic is gone

true story

That when all those writing tips and, for me anyway, when the writing routine comes to the rescue-ish.
I am used to spending two hours every week evening on drafting now, so I don’t have to push to write per se.
I have to push to stay focus on what I am supposed to do: getting more words on the page, so I can get to… well, I am not sure if there’s gonna be a kissing scene or an almost kissing scene, but, I can’t wait to get there!

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The love interest is sooo adorable. Well, not at first. He is an arrogant, best-of-the-class student on a sabbatical (oh so many things are hiding behind that, fun, fun, fun!), know-it-all, bossy, sleeping is for losers person.
He is very guarded about his feelings and extremely quick to judge others before taking the time to know them. Like every human being I have ever met, maybe except for two of them.

I have been thinking about writing out of order, not in chronological order I mean, just to get to the kissing scene. The love interest is away from the action for a while; even though we refer to him through the main character, it just not the same as having him there, being cute and tortured by his feeling… and maybe a ghost, we’ll see…
Just for the record, as I am writing this, you bet I am smiling like a crazy person in front of my laptop!
But I have learned that writing not in chronological order is, for me, a recipe to make sure I end up throwing away 25 000 words and start over – it happened for reEEEeal – because everything got too confusing.

Once more, thank you for reading. 
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Until next time, writers !

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