Diary of a new writing project. Day 37-38: Shifting writing routine

It is a lovely office.

And these days, I can’t sit there.

This week’s word count goal: 32 500 words
Day 37: 21 303 words
Day 38: 22 175 words

Day 37: writing before dawn

My dear laptop friend is actually a borrowed one.

It belongs to my hubby-to-be. He doesn’t need it often, except when he does. And when he does, I have to use the old noisy PC stuck in a corner of his not-so-big office.

So, I woke up early (I am use to it, kiddo is very early bird) and wrote a bunch.

I was happy with the results and was looking forward to the evening writing session.
After putting the kiddo to bed, I should have taken my bottom back in that office and finish what I worked on earlier.

Oh dear how that did not happen!

I couldn’t muster the courage to go in that noisy office, sit on that office chair for three hours and write.

I settled on brainstorming the old fashion way, with my notebook for the project, a glow cat lamp and chocolate cookies (I just had two, I swear).

Many scrunched pages later, I set the story aside. Nothing worth talking about was happening, even less worth keeping.

So, I read instead.

Day 38:

My desk is upstairs, nested in a little sitting room, in front of a wide window. A battery-powered starlight string gives a little oomph to two very plain white curtains.
On each side of the desk, a bookshelf is on guard, waiting for me to store on their shelves more books, more notebooks, more kiddo art&craft.
Behind an Ikea office chair, alongside a freshly painted wall, a comfy couch, constantly covered with unfolded laundry, keeps reminding me how lazy at house chores I am.
On the same wall, sitting on a floating shelf, some kids’ books and a smiling-like-crazy portrait of my kiddo draw by my hubby-to-be.

If I get up early enough to get some work done, I can see the many colours of the dawn chasing off the stars, slowly, slowly, and making the rooftops pretty for a very little while.

It is a lovely office.

And these days, I can’t sit there.
There, all I see is everything I can’t do right at this moment, because I need to work on the novel.
But working on the novel is not helping much with the budget.

Money stress does impact creativity. For better or for worst.

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