Diary of a writing project. Day 49: too many secrets

Too many secrets, a good or a bad thing in a novell?

Word count goal for this week: 47 500 words
Word count today: 31 567 words

I have a very strong tendency to reveal very slowly, almost reluctantly a beta-reader told me once, key details and key elements.
I rely too much on the effect of surprise, when I should work on building up tension, suspense.
Unberable, just-one-page suspense.

A lack of a well balanced sense of tension and built-up leads to poor pacing and a less engaging story.

I’ll fix it better in the re-write, because for now, I’m simply taking notes and moving on with drafting.

Words feel good again. Characters’ voices are getting much clearer, much more distinct from one another as the story progresses.
Another good thing happening is the sub-plots. It really links to the main plots while giving the opportunity to explore the character’s personality.

One thing I’m growing concerned about is the narration. It’s third person past, but I have some instances where I switch and I use other characters point of view.
Not in a confusing way. But in a way that might not be well perceived. There’s an expression for it, but I cannot find the article in which I learned the term.

Now, on those questions marks, I will say goodnight, dear writer friends…

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