Diary of a writing project. Day 66-67: Enough with the social media noise

Work count goal this week: 55 000 words

Day 66 – 3:40 am
Word count so far: 39 585 words

Kiddo woke up at 3:40am. That’s right.

Kiddo did not fall back asleep. That’s rrriiight.

oh dear…

To kiddo’s defense, a noise is to blame. What noise? 16 hours later, I still have no idea.

I was eager to go back to my current writing project tonight. I like the characters more and more, especially since the Main Character gets more and more complicated.
Main Character is going through a big transition. Her whole universe was the soccer team and the Prom Committee (in my public High School, there were such a thing as comité des Finissants).
She was a star. Now, her fame is slowly fading away, her worst fears are slowly taking form. Plus, a devious ghost is after her, requesting her help in order to rest in peace.
She refuses since she does not give in in face of intimidation (she rather avoid it by being, not a bully herself, but passive witness on the side of the bullies).
And the ghost is grossing her out.

It’s so much fun to talk about that kind of things, right? Or maybe I’m just a weird writer on a quest.

Until next time!

Day 67 – Enough with the Social Media noise
Word count so far: 39 786 words

I write as often as I can.

I do my best to brainstorm ahead of time, to stay focus when writing.

Sometimes, I use writing tips and writing hacks, such as writing sprints or brainstorms walks.

Always now, I set realistic (or close enough!) writing goals, word count goals, living by my pen goals.

I work hard. I feel proud. And THEN, because I know it’s crucial to do so if I want to earn a living with selling my novels, I join the conversation with the writing community on social media.

But there’s so. much. noise on those social platforms.

So much so in fact, I’ve decided to delete all my accounts, except Twitter. And I’ll cut back on the twitter-verse for a while.

Enough with the noise. Enough with the electronics vampires, all sucking real life out of me while reaching for something: money, attention, time, time, more time.
My Life Time!

Will I work more, land more contracts, write more, or better yet, write faster, having deleted easy distractions from my life?

I don’t know. Maybe…

Maybe I’ll just play with kiddo more. Read more novels, cook something that takes more than twenty minutes to put on the table. Things like that.

Doesn’t matter. I have more time now!

Dear writer friends, thanks for reading. Until next time.

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