Diary of a writing project. Day 71-72-73: Work and Read

Cozy murder mystery by Agatha Christie are this writer go-to novels in December!!

Word count goal this week: 55 000 words AND Word count so far: 41 249 words

Day 71: Day off

Here’s the problem: I figured it out.
The whole story thing.

The beats, the what must-go where, how many chapters are missing, which one I have to tweak, or change almost completely.

The little puzzles pieces are all there and the only thing left to do is put them together.

It is FAR from being finished or being in a readable state for another human creature to look at, and yet critique.

But, now the challenges are moving towards editing, slowly but surely. And revising, and editing the revisions, and so on and so forth, my degree of motivation varies a lot.

Setting micro writing goals works very well to get a least a couple of hundred words down nearly every day.
A half-hour or even fifteen minutes sometimes.

My micro writing goals will vary from writing 100-200 words to simply sit my butt in front of the computer and work on the manuscript.

It works. But the progress is dreadfully slow.

Nevertheless, it’s progress.

Good night, dear writer friends…

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Day 72: Workload
Word count so far: 41 439 words

What a day.
What a night.
What a buzzzy work day.

Going back to the manuscript was a blessing. Of short duration.

I was exhausted.

At 8:30 pm, I was ready to sleep. I pushed through for a couple of hundreds words and then, I simply crashed.

So, it is in a state of half-awareness of what I’m writing down in this blog post that I say good night already, dear writer friends.

Day 73: Reading
Wordcount so far: 41 650 words

The day job is taking it’s toll this days on my writing routine.

I’m struggling to find the motivation to write and not simply burry myself in a Agatha Christie’s novel.

Her books are such a comfort, especially around this time of year.

Don’t know why I find murder comforting around Christmas.

I find myself drown to novels I’ve read several times before, and I get all cozy comfy and read until I fall asleep.

And even though I could write a little more, I will call it a night, here and now, and catch up with Miss Marple.
She’s being all clever and cute, the dear old lady, sitting around the fire with friends after dinner.

I shall write a lengthy blog post about my Agatha Christie favorites reads for December.

We’ll see…

Dear writer chaps, until next time

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