Diary of a writing project. Day 83-84-85: Christmas mood

Christmas mood in the crazy writer on a quest's house

Word count goal this week: still 62 500 words
Word count so far: 44 731 words



Decorations, food, playing outside until our cheeks are all red with the cold, our heads fill with joys, our tummies rumbling for some hot chocolate.

A whole month of cozy and warm, baking cookies and cracking open that « Coureur des bois » bottle, a creamy maple sirupy liquor that goes down like melted ice cream.

And reading books and watching movies and listening to kiddo singing Christmas songs!

In December, I stay from many things. The news, the noisy social media monsters, the malls.
And if I could, believe you me, stay away from the all the fudgeonsofticecream family-friends gatherings without causing a year-long scandal, oh man, I would.

Anyway, I simply choose to not dwell on the grown-ups responsibilities too much and simply enjoy our little family time… while my kiddo can still bare the thoughts of us, the parents.
Only too soon, kiddo might feel the same way I do about having to crawl on icy roads among crazy stress out drivers, then spend hours avoiding every possible topics that might cause a big drama… ergo, spend hours talking about the weather….

I’m not dwelling, I’m just… acknowledging… things…

Huh, is this a writing blog or what?

The manuscript is happening, slowly but surely.

So many to do these. All my energy is dedicated to get everything ready so… I can write more.

No matters how many to-do’s list I go through, there’s always a new thing, or a old thing I forgot on the previous list.
Therefore, I am left with less time in the evenings to write.
Less time and way, way less motivation and energy.

Example: one day, I had to go out three times before finally buying the dish soap I went out to buy in the first place.
By that time, the kitchen had become a nightmare of smelly dirty dishes, pots and glasses. A nightmare I could not possibly leave there.

And there’s also the Christmas mood.

I feel like reading by candlelight all night, sipping tea, wrapped in a soft blanket.
Or, like tonight, listening to the wind storm out there while writing my diary before getting back to a videogame, and pray we don’t lose power. It supposed to get down to -27Celsius tonight out here. To think that yesterday only, it was +3 Celsius and raining non-stop…

Dear writer friends, I do hope everything is going good with your manuscript, and your motivation, and life.
Thanks for tagging along.

Until next time!

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