Diary of a writing project. Day 86: This writer is not going a thousand words per hour

The lone writer facing the tremendous success stories of her fellow writers. sometimes a hard pill to swallow.

Word count goal this week: 62 500 words.
Word count so far: 45 179 words

Even in the best conditions.

Even then, I swear !

Good mood, good prep, good warm tea at my hands reach.

Comfy chair, quiet surroundings, no pressing things to-do or else chaos might get the hold of my house.

Even then, I can’t write a thousand words an hour. Yes, on rare rough draft occasion, a 1000 words an hour happen. Yes.
But 99% of the time, a good day for me would be writing 1 400 words, within 4 to 5 non-consecutive hours. A very good day, make that 2 500 words, same time window. Max.

Why am I rambling about the words-per-hour notion (a new must-do for authors since, apparently, an author must produce a 100 000 words novel every six weeks because, Amazon, because, readers presumed expectations, because all that Bulls*hit marketing crap I can’t stand no longer, niet, nope, non) you’re asking?


Because of an author email, in which the author said declares having written 12 000 words in 12 consecutive hours (pee break included).

I re-read that part. Yep, it still said 12 000 words written in one day.

On the spot, I felt both envious and like a crap human left on the street to rot and got spit on hard by a dragon dealing with heartburns.


But it didn’t last long. Have been doing this for far too long to let myself be beaten down by more prolific, or even more more talented than me.

Chapeau! That’s all there is to say to this author, to who I sincerely wish the best.

This crazy writer on a quest ain’t writing a thousand words per hour.

But this writer keeps going, nevertheless.

Dear writer friends, thanks for reading, good night and until next time…

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