Diary of a writing project. Day 87-88: Looking back

Word count goal for this week: 62 500 words
Word count so far: 45 204 words

We’re far still from New Year’s Eve. But not so far that I’m not tempted to look back on the writing year that as yet come to past.

Talking about the writing feels a bit like… boasting.

Although… the YA Contemporary novel I wrote last winter was rejected.
I abandoned a Middle-Grade novel at 30 000 words or so.
And I’m struggling to get over the 50 000 words mark on the current YA paranormal project, even I really, really enjoyed it, and the middle is all figured out, and the end is brainstormed like crazy.

Not much room to be boasting about anything after all, now, is there, hee hee hee!

Back with the old writing projects

I do want to go back to the middle-grade novel project, since I figured out why it wasn’t working and how to make the story more fun then thoroughly mysterious and grim.
I like crafting a fun scene. And romance scenes. And kissing scenes!!!

One novel, I swear, I started writing just because I thought of the cutest kissing scene. Then it became this huge fantasy novel project, with a complicated timeline, and there’s was so much work to be done even before that I set it aside for a while.

But now… now I feel it’s time to go back to it. Or almost.

I do have two other projects I would like to complete, apart from the one I’ve been writing a diary about…

We’ll see.

Because, if 2019 was quiet, 2020 will be kind of a big deal. I might even get married at some point!

Crazy writer at work

Looking back at my writing year, I’m proud of the progress I made as a writer.

I read craft books, I read hundreds of blog posts about writing, and I tried what feels like countless writing tips to improve my writing skills and my storytelling skills, and, last but not least, my business skills (still not good at the business thing, but it’s a work in progress).

With a bit of luck and good timing, and plenty of help, the year to come might just the big getting published year.

Dear writers friends, thanks so much for reading. Until next time!

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