Diary of a writing project. Day 102: So we meet again, Writing Routine.

Peace of mind for a writer is a precious gift, to hold dear, cherish and protect

No weekly word counts anymore. Too much unrequited pressure!

Today, back to the day job. Back to the writing routine.

Tonight, I read my current WIP, the one I’ve been talking about in this writing diary.
I also looked at my other writing projects. And I’ve decided to try finishing this while editing another book.

This other book is a MG novel, set out to be 75 000 words long or so. I started reading it and before I knew it, I started editing. It was like catching up with dear old friends.
This MG world was such a comfort somehow today, I couldn’t let go.

I wrote a brand new 900 words, and I looked at the time once, a couple of minutes ago.

Writing Routine Mood

After such a long break, almost three whole weeks without working on any of my WIP’s and running around like a headless chicken, I was in the mood to write.
Which helps when you’re a writer aspiring to get traditionally published!

All is quiet. Kiddo is fast asleep. Hubby-to-be is working away in is office (he is thrilled to be getting back to work; he spent the last five days of his vacations watching advanced tutorials, sooo – yeah.

A candle is warming up the room – it felt like a must on this cold January night.
For the first time in months, I don’t feel that overwhelming feeling of « must write, must-write, must-write », nor the bite of feeling like a failure because of the amount of words I write.

Writing for the mere, intense pleasure of it; diving into my own little world of blue-ish snow, posses willow trees and old forgotten strange staircases.

To feel the joy of writing again is – I have no words to do justice to the feeling.

I just hope I learned from my mistakes and allow myself more time to read and rest.

Thanks for reading, I hope this… help, somehow, to keep writing, or to give yourself some well-deserved rest.

Until next time !

Auteur : Marie Alice

Writing away and reading books. Joy! Écrire à tout vent et lire des romans. Joie!

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