Healthy Writing Tips

healthy writing tips sounds dry, maybe, to the youngster out there ready for party, but for a writer mom with a kiddo that rises well before dawn way too often, it is of essential importance to have those tips sorted out and ready to use

Past couple of months were rough. It was even thougher, writing wise.

I know why.

Well…NOW that I’m back from a long writing break…
That I’ve been able to sleep, and at long last, finished cleaning the dirty dishes from the Holidays party’s (almost not kidding, m’dears).

NOW, I know why.

Dear fellow writers, feel free to skip the next part where I simply rambled about my writing block. You can find the healthy writing tips I gathered a bit below.

Blocky Block Block

Every writer experiences it, in different ways, for a different period of time.
Exemple, my previous writing block lasted two-plus years.

Why I hit a colossal writing block wall?

For months, I:

  • neglected to sleep or eat well;
  • rarely took a break from doing something (day job, trying in vain to crush word count goals, Xmas shopping, trying to find clients, housekeeping);
  • pushed myself to write every single day. It was either working on the new book, blogging, writing emails.

To get around it all, I slept less, always grabbed a bite on the fly, and started to think date nights with my hubby-to-be were a waste of precious writing time.
No « me » time. No guilt-free pauses.

Soon, writing, the thing I LOVE, became a heavy chore, on top of all the other ones.

Results: by mid-December, the only thing I wanted to do is read, watch old tv shows and be left – the f-word – alone.

Which, for a writer on a deadline (self-imposed but still), a mom, a fiancée and a solo-preneur, is kinda not in the realm of possibilities.

Ends escalating stress, anxieties and frustrations.

Not pretty emotions on a strugglin- to-get-a-decent-night-of-sleep mama, a writer aspiring to be traditionally published, and freelance writer looking for paying contracts.

My Chosen Healthy Writings Habits

Never again, I decided.
And I still mean it, from the bottom of my soul to the top of my heart.

And so I reflected on it, did some research, read many great blog posts.

Following a friend’s advice, I wrote on paper what were my aspirations, goals, dreams… Very pop psychology, but it helped to figure things out.

I’m a list-maker freak, so I made a list of the healthy writing habits that I think will work best with a busy schedule.
Please note, there’s nothing new here and I do not pretend to have the ultimate list of healthy writing habits every writer needs to follow.
No dears.
I think, if the list helps me, why not share it and risk to maybe help other writers!

  • Stick to the planned plan!
  • Go to bed early; take a power nap during lunchtime when needed
  • Eat healthy foods and AVOID diets at any price; hunger makes it hard to focus
  • Take a walk every day (-20 celsius don’t count!)
  • Take a day off-off-OFF every week
  • Set realistic writing goals
  • Reclaim or Revise the writing goals often
  • Do some quick writing exercises when drafting gets less fun
  • Be kind with yourself

Thank you so much for reading, dear fellow writers!

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