Diary of a writing project. Day 119-120: wrestling with the odds

Editing is going well. Very well.

Slow as heck.

But it’s going…

I half re-wrote a character today (day job is slooow these days and I wish I had the will to pitch more clients, but… anyway, back to the interesting stuff), in order to add tension and a sense of mystery to the story.
I’m glad to say I think it’s working well.

I say half re-writing, because the character, yes, does have a major impact on the Main Character journey’s, but plays a very little part in the story.
That character is fierce though, a lot of fun to work on.
So much so, I’ve started to think of a backstory there, for an adventure middle-grade novel, mixing up sci-fi and fantasy.

I stopped myself right there though. New story ideas are awesome, yes, but at some point, I have to pick one and work.

Otherwise, I’ll just get better at having ideas, not at storytelling and writing!

Other major editings

Structure needed to be tighten.

Scenes needed some clarification.

What’s at stake for the Main Character needed more drama, while her inner journey needed to be layered.
I told a lot about what she was going through instead of showing AND telling a bit.
For with the show don’t tell rule, it’s all about balance, in my very humble opinion.

As I’m working on the manuscript, on that blog post, I can’t help but wrestle with a restless idea.
Is all that work good enough? Will publishers like it this time around?

Will this crazy writer dream come true?

Oh well… I’ll just keep wrestling. And keep writing.

Until next time, fellow writers. As always, thanks a million for reading.

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