Diary of a writing project. Day 117-118: Revision joys

The writing advice opened doors in my brain. Big, wide doors!

a recipe for beautiful disaster at the deadline finale is when a writer lets the comparison game took over the working on the novel itself

I listened to the writing advice I got for my MG novel. And oh dear me, I am SO thankful!

The main character was always problematic. To start with, she has social phobias.
One cannot overcome phobia just like that.
I had to find a way to propel the main character into action while trying to give her some agency.
Obviously, she will gain more agency and grow as a person as she ventures out of everything she knows;
From a storytelling point of view, if a weak hero may have its appeal, a weak hero incapable to change anything to her own condition is a major problem.

The writing advice opened doors in my brain. Big, wide doors!

It wasn’t easy. But I tweaked the opening, and I had a fun idea (after a bit of brainstorming and research) to tighten the plot while showing how a change is already at work in the main character.

The first chapters are stronger for it, creating, I hope, more reasons for the readers to read on.

The joys of doubt

Thing is, even though I’m really happy with how the revision and editing are going, writing doubts are getting me down.

I’ve read a bunch of great and less great novels recently. The binge-read was (still is) needed.
But it kinda switched on the comparison game in my little brain.

Published novels are polished versions of a final draft sent to publishers or literary agents if you live anywhere except the small francophone bubble where I live.

Every writer knows that.

Nevertheless, sometimes, some days, you’re just alone in front of a computer screen or a blank page, holding a pen, wondering « why the heck am I doing this ».

And sometimes, some days, I don’t have an answer no more.

Let’s keep writing though. Because I rather write and doubt, then let doubt win.

Wishing you happy writing moments, dear writer friends.

Thanks for reading.

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