Diary of a new writing project. Day 135: gloomy ink

bunny are good easter, but real rabbit left out in a wild suburban backyard tend to leave a mess behind in the form of gloomy brown spots

Beauty had rabbit shit all over itself today.

Literally and metaphorically.

After the snowstorm, the little town looked like the winter wonderland song. 45 centimetres of snow.

On top of which the rabbit, the one leaving underneath our shed for the winter, took several dumps.

Ratatatatatatata, little brown balls here and there. It almost looks cute, all lined up in the fresh, soft, glittering with beaming sunlight snow.

Lots of shovelling action, lots a red cheeks and warm drinks. Plus some thinking about rabbit shit.

On the other end, little writing happened.
It was like, every time I started writing, I had to stop to clean out some rabbit shit. Tiny little things that certainly looked cute, but where utter shit.

Cleaning the writing is a major part of a writer’s work, as you and I are well aware of by now.
However, in some circumstances, it looks like every word I wrote that day, or the week before, is shitty.

That’s when having a reliable critique partner is sooo darn important, crucial even.
Unfortunatly, I am not blessed to count in my life such an individual.

There’s me and the beta-readers I have to find because my old beta-readers are not available anymore. In my small francophone bubble. *sigh*

I might have to pay someone to beta-read my manuscript when it’s done. It’s close to impossible to find a francophone beta-reader with experience, interested in young people literature.
Anyway, no point in complaining about the situation.
I live where I live, the book market here is what it is, carry on and don’t forget rejection is part of the writing process.

It has been a gloomy writing session for sure.

Tomorrow morning should be welcoming another 10 centimetres of snow.

Enough to camouflage the rabbit shit.

Enough to bring beauty back.

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