Diary of a writing project. Day 136: how to salvage a ruined writing day

writing is more than simply following a formula and sprint vomit any words on the page; to write, one writer's mind need to be at ease, at peace, if not happy, at least, calm

My head is pounding.

My throat hurts from screaming and swallowing back more screams.

Farewell, ruined writing day. See you never again…

Now what?!

Every hour of every day, seven days a week, hubby-to-be and I share the same space.

We both work from home. We both live in our kiddo’s home (as kiddo often reminds us). We both breathe each other air

Obviously, at times, keeping the peace becomes a challenge, to say the least.

I so do wish I knew how to bottle up the anger, the resentment, the sadness and just keep writing.

Since freelance work never stops, I found myself on Pinterest, looking for tips on how to get your professional cool back. And quickly. Sooo much time was lost, there’s no time left to live-your-emotions-and-have-a-spa-day thing.
Is there a working mom out there who actually has time to go to do spa-day? Let alone a stay-at-home mom!

Gals and guys, it may don’t seem like it, but having kids is a life-job that never, ever stops. (Have kids, it’s great, promise).

So, to the writer mom’s out there, and to all writers who are struggling with big boiling blinding emotions at times, here’s the quick fix stuff I found and that were useful (links down below for more):

  • Remove the triggers
    instead of going into unhealthy silent treatment, I politely asked for extended quiet, alone time;
  • Cleaning
    yeah, major cliché, I know, but washing away your anger is effective and quick, especially if, inadvertently, a plate gets destroyed in the process;
  • Enjoy something
    reading a fun graphic novel for five-ten minutes really helped me to lose myself into a happy place.

The writing day was still ruined, but I was able to fulfil my professional engagements in a professional manner (tough one) and ultimately, salvage the evening writing session.
The evening writing session was easy to save, if I may be honest; it’s a « enjoy something » thing for me.

That’s it for me tonight. I hope this helped. And if you have more tips, please share down below.

Thanks for reading!


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