Diary of a writing project. Day 139: welcome back, ghost story

I’ve decided to go back to the WIP that started this all « Diary of a writing project » thing.

Is it the gloomy February? Or the gloomy Valentine day’s we’re having this year (funerals happening this week-end, not much in the mood to celebrate love, when actually, we should, even more so).

Taking a break from the project really help get some perspective on things.

I almost immediately deleted some words, and then, a whole chapter. I then went back to the drawing board, as I often do when I find I’m deleting too much of as been written already.

This time, I felt I needed to up my game and bring some changes to my writing process. I’ve grown very tired of the constant going back to the drawing board.

Yes, questions must be ask during the drafting process and tadilalala. But I really want to get to the point where I have a working outline.

I started to research and study more carefully different writing process, and watch some AuthorTubers writing process, and listen to more recorded write-in’s.
The MasterClass adds are still working their way to convince me to spend a fair amount of money on writing classes.

I’ve started a new blog post series, the Writer Notebook.

It’s not incredibly thorough. It’s no Writers Helping Writers kind of Writer Notebook, nor is it a « how to do » thing. It’s just something that may help fellow authors to find their own process.

There are so many techniques out there, I just thought I would put together the ones I referred to the most, and I’ve used to come up with my ever-evolving writing process. The goal is to have all my references in one stop. And why not share them with fellow writers at the same time!

Anyway, as always, I just hope some people find it useful.

Thanks again and again to have taken the time to read this post. Until next time !

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