Diary of a writing project. Day 137-138: it’s not working… now what?

It’s bad. Every sentence is shit. Every chapter is a « delete me now before it’s too late ».
Nooooooooooooooooooo problem.
Write anyway, power through, write, write, write.

Ok. See, that’s not… working… for… me?

Power through.

That’s what I’ve read.

In countless blog post and craft book about writing, it all goes down to this: power through.

It’s bad. Every sentence is shit. Every chapter is a « delete me now before it’s too late ».


Nooooooooooooooooooo problem.

Write anyway.

Ok. See, that’s not… working… for… me?

I am lazy.

Working on anything knowing it is in vain DRAINS OUT MY SOUL ( end why I quit working in full-on corporate offices).

Zero-drafting, first drafts are not work in vain. They are super-duper important in my writing process.
It’s were I tell myself the story, try and miss and try again.

On the other end.

Writing words just for the sake of word counts, weekly writing goals, or writing words knowing its trash material, I can’t.

When I reach the point in drafting or revising where every word is bad and the whole thing, I learned to listen to myself and not to the imaginary peer pressure I create for myself watching Authortube and scrolling tweets five minutes a day.

It’s time to stop and assess the situation.

Learning to listen to our hearts whispers

Nothing to do with writer’s block, nor a lack of writing motivation.

Among the writing projects I’m working on, I have two completed novels, one middle-grade, the other one for teens. Both have been rejected.
One, I’m revising. It’s worth it.
The second one, I’m completely re-writing, keeping merely the main plot and the characters.

I’ve been working on the revision AND the re-writing at the same time.

Problem #1: lack of focus maybe?

The re-write is on the spot with the book market. The story is a contemporary teen novel and it explores a popular theme in a somewhat new way.
As for the revision, a fantasy middle-grade novel, the progress is slow but steady. This one is a « safe » bet, if I may be so bold to use the « safe » and book market in the same sentence.
But… not in the mood for a contemporary teen novel, however cute; not in the mood for the kind of fantasy the revision implies.

Problem #2: mood writer

How to finish a novel when…

What really gets me down is the feeling I can’t work like the real professionals writers.

And that’s sooooooooo dumb !

Geez writer, you don’t have to be nobody else but you.

I set myself up with very realistic, very forgiving writing goals, in order to avoid going under with depressing thoughts for only company.

Time to take advantage of my own writing schemes and plans, yes?!!

Yes, let’s go back to what started the « Diary of a writing project serie », the ya novel with a ghost in it !

We’re at 45 235 words. Half-way through.

Let’s set a realistic writing goal. April 14th will be the deadline to finish that first draft.

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