Diary of a Writing Project. Day 145 to 149: Writing Community

The writing community online is a great place to find not only great writing advice, but you can also find writers helping writers and supporting one another. It's a great place to find the motivation to write, and to feel less alone in front of the blank page

Writing is a lonely business.

How beautiful!

It is quite lovely to be a writer, especially when you simply dislike leaving your house, for any given reason.

But, guess what, humans need human connections. Plus, it is very true what they say: no one can create in a vacuum.
When you’re working from home and taking care of the kiddos, it can get lonely after a while.

Since I avoid almost all the Socials, I rely heavily on AuthorBook and BookTube.
And recently, I’ve discovered the live write-in. And I looove it.

Writing time and writing sprints

It’s a great productivity thing, the write-ins. And when I catch the live write-in’s, it’s an occasion to connect with other writers from around the world. Literally.

Since the write-ins are then posted on the author’s channel, I sometimes watch them again, in order to get motivated and to be more productive.

Writing sprints is something I dislike doing by myself.

With other people, even if they are on the other side of a screen (and on the other side of the world sometimes), it feels more like working in a coffee shop but in the compagny of writers and without the expenses and the whirring sound of the barista.

It helps me find the motivation to dedicate two hours in a row solely to writing. It gets me in the « zone » even when I’m stressed about other things. A bit like when I would go to writing class, back in my University days.
Yes, I had this deadline, this teamwork thing to research, but while in writing class, I had no choice but to dedicate all my attention to one thing only (it was a time of no smartphones, a time where laptops weight a ton, a time without YouTube).

Here’s some of the write-in I try to attend to as much as my day job allows. See you there, maybe, dear writer firends?

Thanks for reading !

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