Diary of a Writing Project. Day 153-154: On the importance of boredom

It is so not productive, so not doing… something.

the importance of letting oneself be bored is often lost in our era of doing something at all times, no matter what

The day was bright, clear blue sky, snow trying to melt under the blinding sun.

A giant, pointy ice stalactite formed at the end of a gutter. Drop after drop.

I watched part of it happen. It was a great thirty seconds. Then I move on with my boredom from where I was standing to the couch, on which I drop like the proverbial potato.

When was the last time I got bored, I wondered. It’s such a luxury very few can afford, doing nothing. Starting with yours truly.

It is so not productive, so not doing… something.

It’s soooo great to get to be bored.

I first started writing stories back in high school (equivalent to the 7th to 12th grade; after that, we do 2 years of Cegep, then University/College).

Because I needed to put my own colours on a world I struggled to adapt to (still struggling at times, several decades later).

And because I was bored.

Nowadays, doing nothing long enough to reach the point of boredom is pretty rare.
If that happens, it probably your cellphone is dead.

Out here, in my writer-mom life, reaching boredom city of marvels means somebody else took care of the chores, kiddo is playing happily, it’s Sunday afternoon without pending deadlines or WIP drama, and it just too cold to go out and enjoy the beautiful day.

Honest to the big G’s up there, I cannot remember the last I felt bored.

It lasted long enough for my mind to start wondering. About melting snow morphing into a dangerous ice stalactite. About the hole in my socks. About every little nothing’s there is.

One thing led to another, and my current WIP’s characters started saying hello and get about their business.

Then, the romantic comedy novel rough outline started to ask questions, such as : where the conflict? where’s the drama? is the main character relatable? will her story swoop away the hearts of readers?

One thing led to another, and I was taking notes and brainstorming… a storm.

I got a good chunk of work done after all. I am solemnly ruling for the importance of letting oneself be bored sometimes.

I hope you guys find the time to take your time too!

Thanks and thanks again for reading, and until next time.

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