Diary of a Writing Project. Day 160: Fun ways to celebrate writing milestones!

Although, isn’t doing absolutely nothing be perceived as kind of big deal nowadays?

Celebrating writing milestones is important for me, since I'm the kind of human who thrives on rewards, from putting a sticker in a planner to reading a book. No worries, chocolate is involved

Happy Saturday morning, dear writer friends!

One great news to share, and some fun ways to celebrate, also to share !

As I said, gooooood morning !

For morning it is, and kinda of a glorious one too, warm pink and golden light bright against dark blue clouds and clear morning sky.

I am in glorious mood too. Amazing what enough sleep several nights in a row would do to you!

Spring seems to be smiling at us from far, and it’s the best feeling ever. Snow is melting, birds are busy chirping. The Canadian gooses are coming back too.

Let’s get one with the great news: I’ve reached the 45k words milestone. I was able to write 5 000 words in about 6 days, (for those who like stats, I was writing for 5 to 6 hours a day this week, since day job work is slooooow).

As I write this, I’m participating in a online writing sprint with D R Ranger, an Australian author. His YouTube Channel is so funny, full of geeky-nerdy writer stuff. I really enjoy it!

Anyway, back to celebrating the 45k milestone.

There are so many ways to celebrate.

  • Read novels, so many novels, all the novels !!!
  • Watch a movie with a big bowl of popcorn – I’m on the real butter clan
  • Binge watch a tv series, if the milestones is huge, like finished-the-first-draft huge
  • Cook – I love to cook, it’s relaxing and yummy
  • Take a very long walk in the afternoon and end it at the local micro-brewery.

One of my favorite thing to do is: doing none of the mentioned above!

To celebrate the 45k milestones, this time around, I did nothing.

Nothing. At all.

Not much to write about doing nothing, for, you know, doing nothing is pretty boring.
I’m not reading a novel, I’m not watching a movie, a video, a phone. I’m not playing a video game. I’m doing nothing. at. all.

Although, isn’t doing absolutely nothing be perceived as kind of big deal nowadays?

We, as a society, are now glued to our phones, our social media, our long list of blog posts we saved in the hope, vain in my case, we’ll find time to read. Or, we’re going out, traveling, doing the family thing, planning for something. Because, there’s always something…

Anyway, I hope your are close to hit your own milestones with your current writing project.

Until next time!

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