Diary of a Writing Project. Day 158-159: Writing everywhere

writing everywhere in an outlined writing project proof to be somewhat effective, in this case anyway

For the Teen novel work in progress, I’m writing everywhere. Chapters 23-24-25, then jump to chapter six and hop, down with chapter 15.

It would be confusing if it wasn’t for the chapter short summaries I wrote (and I feel so accomplish when I can delete one of those summary!).

What I like the most I think with this non-chronological technique is I can work on the end of the book right now.

Starting by the end, or almost…

By the end of a writing project, more than often, I just wanna be done with the book. I love writing. I also love finishing my writing project.

My endings are rushed, at best, and working on them feels like – argh, I don’t want to do it, I wrote the end, it’s the end, the book is done, go on, read it, and I hope you’ll enjoy, on to the next.

Having summarized every chapter allows me to jump to Act 3 and work on it right now. It’s great too, because I can fix what needs to be fixed, in the timeline for example.

That being said and done, I really don’t think I’m gonna be able to write the second draft in a non-chronological order. At some point, I wanna make sure the flow of the whole thing must be… flowing.

As for today thought, writing everywhere has paid off with this project.

Other influences on the writing mood

Or maybe it’s the newfound motivation coming from my decision to go in both publishing ways, traditional publishing and self-publishing.

Or maybe it’s the avant-goût of spring dear old Mother Nature is kind enough to provide us, small-town people, these days.

Anyway, the project is moving forward, I’m halfway thought the first draft.

Everything is awesome. Let’s hope this good wind stays up for a while.

As much as I love the project, I’m starting to wanna be done, done, done!

Writer friend, happy writing everywhere if it’s work for you, and all the best for your own writing project.

Until next time!

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