Diary of a Writing Project. Day 161: profoundly​ dislike, immensely abhorred, plus some nutritious tips!

It’s a dated policy, it messes up kiddo for a week, and I miss waking up with the sun.

I profoundly dislike the daylight saving time changed day, for it's an unnecessary things belonging to the past, and should stay there. It's always when you get good with a writing routine too.

daylight saving time day

I profoundly dislike it.

It’s a dated policy, it messes up kiddo for a week, and I miss waking up with the sun.

Better make the best of it though, get some tea – on the strong side – planned the coming writing week and get some writing done.

But it’s the time-change weeeeek! It means waking up in the dark again, and one hour earlier than usual too, and coping with general tiredness.

How to cope with tiredness when you actually cannot sleep more?

Since I really want to get to the 50K words this week, I need to beat tiredness.

To be honest, I’m planning to write 7 000 words this week, maybe more if I can; the writing project is going well and… oh, I just wanna be done and have another human read it!

And because sleeping more is not an option in this particular daylight saving time thing, I gathered some tips to beat tiredness.

It’s common sense really, but I wouldn’t have thought of doing such and such in order to feel more energize.

  • Have a nutritious breakfast, aka get some healthy carbs in!
    In the morning, even though I work from home, I don’t take time to get myself a nice breakfast. Which is ridiculous.
    How easy it would be to simply get some granola and nuts and dry fruits and yogourt (not the fat-free one that left you feeling hungrier) or get an egg on a whole-wheat bagel with some cheese and fruits, or simply two scrambled eggs on toast (or with roasted boiled potatoes, oh yummy!) instead of whatever dry leftovers sit in kiddo’s breakfast plate.
    The answer is: very easy.
  • Go outside
    For a walk, for a run, or simply to take in as much sunlight as possible, and as much vitamin D as possible. It’s bright up the mood too!
    I live up North, and right now it’s Winter, and I’m in cozy indoor mode, so it’s especially important that I keep that one in mind.
  • Snack on healthy, energy boosting food
    I have a problem with the words « energy-boosting food », or « superfood », or « fertility food » (I’ll share my journey to try to conceive, one these blue moons). Granted, some food is more nutritious than others, but none has superpowers.
    Anyway, my favorite go-to snack has to be grapes with cheddar cheese or apples with cheddar cheese, or mix nuts and dry fruits (home-made mix, because the ones you find in the vending machine are very sugary/salty, and not healthy at all!)
    I leave the dark chocolate for desserts at lunchtime… or for late-night comfort when kiddo is having a bad night.
    And the chocolate cake for that one weekend of the month where chocolate is a must-have or else.
  • Check your posture
    Now that one surprised me a little, but it’s so true and so important. I was big on writing in bed until my 35 to 44 years back said aouch.
    Plus, from what I read, a poor posture makes your muscles work harder for no reason. Ends more tiredness.
  • Stay hydrated
    I know, I know, I know, and I feel it too. If I don’t drink my two tall glasses of water in the morning, for sure, I’ll get a headache. Make it six tall glasses of water on the weekends involing some drinking beer or wine!
  • Limit high-sugar food and drinks
    Whyyyyy? Because we humans crash after the sugar high, feeling even more tired.
    Let’s keep it simple: water, tea, and more tea. No cookies.

To summarize: have a full breakfast, eat well, go outside, be aware of your posture when you work and stop buying junk food and junk drinks.

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