Diary of a writing project. Day 177: Singing words – nine of fourteen –

I forgot.

For about ten minutes, yesterday, I forgot about the whole pandemic and its dreadful consequences for every soul on Earth. I was so surprised, it stuck with me.

After yet another bad night of sleep, I thought heck, that was a goooood ten minutes. I liked it. I want another one. I want many others ones like that.

Colors and books and words

The radio is talking in the background, in the mornings and afternoons, only for an hour or two.

Meanwhile, I get things ready for my kiddo. A youngster that young needs/wants/demands/requires loudly, if not constantly at least very often, something to do, or someone to play with. It’s not like kiddo can play with other kids, or even go to the park.
They closed all public parks now. It will last until the end of April…

I also get things ready for me: I keep a notebook handy and a novel (more for moral support than anything else).

Once the radio is off, I start the workday. I play, do the inevitable house chores, and write, and read stories.

And I find that I really like coloring! It’s so relaxing. We use all the colors of the rainbow, even on Easter related stuff. It’s good for the soul.
We draw a giant rainbow on a big bristol board and hung it in the living room. Kids walking in the streets (while we still can go outside the house) made a game of it: finding the rainbow signs at the window.

If I can, I read a page of two. When it’s nap time, I get to work and do my best to write. But these days, I also listen to radio-theater.

Do you have that, fellow writers, where you live? Since they canceled all the plays, some theatre has decided to record the play, like they use to do in the old days. It’s on public radio too, so it’s free.
I love it !! More so since I don’t go out to the theater anymore.

It’s ok if I write a tiny bit less. Words still sings stories in my heart.

Auteur : Marie Alice

Writing away and reading books. Joy! Écrire à tout vent et lire des romans. Joie!

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