Diary of a writing project. Day 179: Plot twisting much – eleven of fourteen –

too many plot twist

In the process of finish to edit / re-write yet another chapter of the YA/Teen paranormal manuscript, I had, yet another, plot twist idea.

One idea that would be awesome, but that would take this stand alone into a mayhem of complications and dragging on for the sake of book 2 and book 3.

I thought and thought, and decided to keep the original outline. (An outlined I’ve re-written at least ten times, just for the sake of the backstory here).

And I’m quiet at peace with my decision.

First: I’m a lazy person to the core, so much so that I have to constantly trick myself into getting things done. Since I really wanna be done with that story (that I love, but, you know, fellow writer, you know…), extending the adventure to another book, maybe two even was a dreading, unappealing project I simply was not that thrilled to get myself into.

Two: Considering the present pandemic, and the month-long « stay-home, stay-safe » rule I fully intend to follow, diving into camp NaNoWriMo is a challenge I can’t wait to get myself into. With a completely new writing project, a rom-com for grown-ups. It’s exciting, but I do wonder how it will go, since I haven’t written for a grown-up audience, ever.

Writing stories for a young audience is my thing, to the core. Some of my favorite novels to read are middle-grade and teen novels. It’s the kind of book that always brings a smile.

Better get back to the paranormal world for now. The 57K words mark has been reached, and I just love the chapter I’m at. The Main Character and the Best Friend are teaming up to take action against the villain.
It’s a load of fun !!

Thanks for reading. I hope everybody is well. Happy writing, fellow writer.

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