Diary of a writing project. Day 187-188-189: Not big on words


I’m not doing so good. How are you?

Back then…

My current writing project is set in Canada, province of Quebec, in a very small town, borderline village, in the year 1992.

What happened in 1992? Oh, many things, for sure. Nothing quite like a pandemic, no. But still.

What I was interested in though, when I was first brainstorming this story, is what was NOT happening in 1992.
Such as smartphones, world widely used Internet, socials media, you know, the reasons and the solutions to all of life’s problem, to quote Homer Simpson.

It was a young human in 1992. I remember a quiet, slower world.
When I started the paranormal writing project, back in September 2019, part of me needed to slow things down. I was right in the middle of a swirl of birthday parties, on the eve of the busy Holiday season, fleeing the social media craze a little bit more, every day.

Most of all, I was looking for a good laugh or two!

Little did we all know, some six months later, the whole world would quiet down.
Only to roar, stupidly, loudly and in the good old polluting-fashion, later. I’m not kidding myself in thinking otherwise.

No deadly wars. No deadly virus. No climate change crisis will put an end to human greed.
Our human need for power, the ever-growing capitalism, the insipid quest for the sad American dream.
So on. So forth.

On the radio, I heard a psychologist talk about survival instinct, and how the brain is wired to focus on a treat, in order to avoid, well, dying and stuff.

It’s no excuse to waste time online, looking for an activity, a recipe, or watching cooking shows.

Never has it been a better time to write. I know. So many live write-in, so many authors sending their manuscript to literary agents, while the whole book industry is trying to survive the closures.
The last three days were rather grey and not very productive, writing-wise, life-wise.

For this new writing week ahead, I’m not setting any daily word count goal and lowering my weekly word count goal.

The real writing goal this week: write for fun.

Dear fellow writers, as always, more than ever, thank you so much for reading this blog post.

Stay home, stay safe and I wish you all the fun in the world with your writing project.

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