Diary of a writing project. Day 190: One word at the time

Is it productive to write while watching a cooking show ?

No. No it’s not.

Is it good for the soul to write while watching a cooking show?

Yes. Oh yes it is.

Colors from the world of before

The 18th season of the daily cooking show I’m watching started in September of 2019. It ended in March 2020. Because of the pandemic.
The first episodes were recorded outside, under a bright blue sky.

Between a chopped onion and some melted chocolate, they talk about climate change, buying our food from local farmers, eat less meat, more vegetables. Etc…

They also talk about food from around the world, countries they visited.

The more I watch the food show, the more I feel like looking at the world of before, something of the past that will come to be quiet the same.
We will not travel like before. I will not buy anything coming from the US for a long while.
Same thinking when it comes to contemporary novels. Right now, I’m reading « A semi-definitive list of worst nightmares » by Krystal Sutherland (I think I’m gonna like it) and I can’t help but feeling… it’s hard to explain… not like the novel is dated, far from it, but yes, like the novel written in 2017 was written years ago.

Watching an « old fashion » cooking show, surprisingly, helps me get in the mood of my current writing project – the project this whole writer’s diary is about – a paranormal YA novel set in 1992.

For sure, it helps my own mood, which, despite Spring rising everywhere, despite the beautiful full moon I watched a bit last night, is drifting between gloomy, sad, and grateful too.

I’ll get back to my cooking show and writing the novel, I promise. They’re making a chocolate cake with caramel buttercream, and caramel sauce.

It looks very good.

Fellow writers, many thanks for reading, once again, and I hope you’re having fun with your own writing projects.

Until next time.

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