Diary of a writing project. Day 191: When the pressure is off

Working under pressure is a great productivity trigger for me.

One of the reason I like live stream write-in is the count down, the sprint against the clock, against/with other writers.

But I can’t work under pressure for too long.

I get discouraged if I can’t be as productive as I was the day before, I get angry if I can’t write as much as I wanted to.

These days, I’m discovering that when in recommended confinement, keeping my cheers up and be productive, let alone positive, is challenging.

Taking the pressure off is beneficial. And may this time around, it’s having surprising effect on the word count.

From 0 word to self-care

Writing for fun is the best way for me right to keep writing while taking the pressure off.

Where I tough the word count would suffer, so far it’s not the case.
Small victory!
Gotta find something to feed the writing motivation, because with the state of the book industry, both traditional and indie, it’s everything but happy Rosie.

I should focus solely on writing the best novel I can. I know. I’m trying.

Everyday, I dedicate four hours to writing… and to self-care.

Self-care involves, for me, staying away from the bad news, away even from YouTube, where the pandemic finds it’s way through.
It involves taking the time to cook, taking the time to have fun doing research, or just look at the hill where the Spring, ever so quietly, is spreading its bright colors.

Or write a shorter blog post, like this one!

Fellow writers, I hope with all my heart that you and you loved ones are safe and healthy. Wish you all the fun in the world with your own writing project.

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