Diary of a writing project. Day 201-202-203: Escape Writing

escape reads is the new trend in book marketing these days; and it's just a begining!

« Escape reads » is the new book world trend.

No surprises there, because who doesn’t want to escape this still absolutely weird quarantine / confinement?

Everybody’s talking about their escape reads or the best books to escape into, and so on and so forth…!

How can you define which book is an escape read, and which isn’t, since… well, a book is a book!

Escape reads: kind of a definition

Every novel, every non-fiction book is, in my humble opinion, a door to escape.

I am convince every writer, every reader out there will agree with that statement.

However, while some readers can escape in a novel like Victor Hugo’s « Les Misérables« , many cannot, and really don’t wanna even try!

Literature, from classics to contemporary, is far from being perceived as a way to escape reality. Which is, in essence, what an escape read is.

An escape read is not necessarily bound to be a genre literature novel, like a sci-fi, romance or fantasy novel, to name the ones that first come in everybody’s mind.

My definition of an escape read sounds like this:

  • A book that will completely and utterly grab the readers by their heart&soul and transport them far away from where they are sitting, far away from day-to-day life.

Indeed, the description fits a rather large amount of novels I’ve read and will read in my life!

Like I said before, to escape the confinement reality (it’s getting harder as time goes by and no date for de-confinement is set by the authorities), I’m leaning towards fantasy novels and comfort reads or re-read.

I’m also escaping in my own stories, in far away lands and weird ghost hunting adventures.

This weekend, for the first time in a while, writing truly let like an happy escape.

I hope your words also brings you joy and peace.

Fellow writers, thanks again for reading, it means a lot. And until next time!

Auteur : Marie Alice

Writing away and reading books. Joy! Écrire à tout vent et lire des romans. Joie!

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