A week of Diary of a writing project: Words and flowers at home

flowers and spring goes well with words

Monday, Day 230

Hooray, it’s Monday !

In the course of my not so long, but not so short lifetime, I might have put « hooray » and « it’s Monday » together once or… never, really.

Well, today is a good Monday. Beautiful sunshine, a bit of warm weather coming at us, at long last.

I gave up writing outside in the early morning. It was too hard on my fragile little nerves to adapt the kiddo morning routine to my outrageous ambition of working under the sun, ALONE.

Oh well. Meanwhile, I wrote a little more than 500 words today. Why am I happy about that not so impressive news?

Because those 500 words are a game changer! Instead of following the outline to the letter, I skipped two chapters and dive immediately into the action.

Such a relief! And a sign. And yet another lesson: when I drag my writer’s feet and get discouraged and un-motivated, I must-must-must look at the story.

When I left the manuscript before the weekend break, it was slow, it was lacking good-juicy conflict, but I was so close to the whole, I couldn’t see it anymore.

Fellow writers, I hope you had a great weekend too, a healthy and sunny and bright one!

Tuesday, Day 231

Let’s get writing, because, once more and with more feelings then ever, the government announced something new.

And the daycare rules will change so profoundly, to a level where we have to wonder if it’s going to be good for kiddo to go back there at all…

At least, it’s sunny side up outside!

Wednesday, Day 232

The bright new day, full of promises for the current work in progress.

I woke up early this morning with a fun cute idea to rise the tension in an already conflict pack scene.

Isn’t it the greatest thing, fellow writers, to wake up with an idea that makes you smile? It’s the best feeling. If only I could bottle it up… especially now that I ear kiddo yelling, and hubby-to-be voice rising.

Dear, oh dear… writer mom have to go…

Thursday, Day 233

Slow early morning, since this writer / mama did not have a good night of sleep.

Kiddo talk while dreaming. I hope it was a good dream. Mine were cut short, and I couldn’t get back to them for what seemed like a very long while.

So I’m tired, cranky, and the words are

Friday, Day 234

The wake up call was at 4am this morning.

I could have got the laptop and start writing, but instead I stayed in bed and planned the writing day.

The story is still heading straight within the outline, but at a much faster pace.

To tell you the truth, dear fellow writer, I almost want to get on with the revision. I know exactly what to cut, and what to patch together. Even though I left some notes behind, it’s so clear right now… but better let it sit for a little while.

Plus, the novel ain’t finished yet! I’m sooo behind, writing a couple of hundred words everyday, barely writing on week-ends.

Speaking of writing the novel, better get back to it.

I hope you had a good writing week, fellow writers !

Saturday, Day 235

A big day. Well, a big birthday day really !

Not much to say: a surprise, a fun walk about a half-deserted town under a breathtaking sunshiny day, a small incident with a cake.

A very good confined birthday, or so hubby-to-be assure me.

I better believe it !

Sunday, Day 236

I almost listen to a author tube chat about writer’s stereotypes. But I choose a radio show hosted by an oceanographer, where he talks about Nature.

Today, he talks about virus. Virus 101. Extremely interesting.

It simply blows my mind how science, every science, especially biology and micro-biology, can be inspiring.

To see, even on micro-levels sometimes, how some beings acts and evolved and interact with one another.

So much drama ! The perfect place to hang out for a writer.

That, and the dream world. It’s where I’m heading now, with delight.

Yes, fellow writers, I know. It’s not even 8pm, the sun is about to set. I told myself I would hit 80K words this week, and I have a good 6k words to reach that goal (I’m confident though because it’s a well-outlined roller-coaster of fun and drama from now to the end of that novel of mine).

On that overly optimistic note, and with a neighbor having a party in its car (because I’m tired, I want peace and quiet so, of course), I bid you, dear fellow writers, very good night and the best words imaginable for your story.

Until next time !

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