A week of Diary of a writing project: Ideas in a backyard garden

Monday, Day 223

The goal this week is to take advantage of the spring weather and write outside in the morning, as much as possible.

Of course, this morning, with a good old minus 1 degree Celsius, I’m keeping my writer’s bottom warm and snug in my bed.

Also, a surprise was waiting for me in the email box. A request from a client.

It pays close to nothing, and the guy actually recorded what he wanted the blog post to say. Nevertheless, I wrote the thing, and quickly too. After all, I barely had to use any kind of creativity.

Anyway, it was good to work on something that wasn’t the novel… for an hour or so!

I got used pretty quickly to spend on my writing time on personal writing project!

Will tomorrow see me writing outside? Read more, héhé!

Tuesday, Day 224

Again, it’s freezing under the glorious sunshine this morning. And I stayed cozy up in bed, wrote about two hundred words while listening to a very irritating radio host.

The guy, brilliant, curious, a good journalist, is there for two days only, but oh! is he sooo full of himself, deprived of any kindness or humbleness of any kind.

It’s distracting when one writer tries to write without hearing the kiddo doing its kiddo stuff!

Nap time will be better… Here’s hoping anyway.

Wednesday, Day 225

A fine morning.

Cold, frosty morning. Yes, I know, it’s the month of May.

Some flowers have started to bloom, daffodils and tulips, the neighbours cherry’s tree.

I had to do real life stuff, put a mask on and go get some stuff.

When I got back, for a very good reason this time, I got myself tangled into a « discussion » with hubby-to-be. A three-hour-long discussion.

I wrote maybe fifty words during the evening writing session, which was cut very short since kiddo decided not to fall asleep at 7:30pm, but an HOUR later.

Long story short, I pour myself some white wine and watch a delightful sitcom, made in Acadie.

Thursday, Day 226

Kiddo woke up at 3:45 am. Then 4:45 am. This time around, kiddo venture out of bed and into ours.

Before long, the iPad was out and Peppa Pig was on.

As for this exhausted mama writer, she has a bit of a headache and she feels like staying in bed, to cry, to sleep, to watch a sitcom while, of course, my other self would write a 1000 words an hour.

For the record, I did go outside this morning. To try to get rid of the mourning birds (Mother Nature save me, I dislike their mourning sound oh so incredibly much).

Today will be interesting. It supposed to be a real spring day. Almost 18 degrees Celsius, beautiful sunshine and pretty clouds.
Will kiddo yell for twenty minutes to not go outside, then yell for twenty minutes to not go back inside today?

Friday, Day 227

Deflatting motivation. It really is a roller-coaster of emotions around here.

For my little town is within the communauté métropolitaine de Montréal. Close to fifty cities are enclosed in that communauté. That means, where everybody else is de-confining, here, we are still dealing with closed schools-daycare, closed parks, closed everything really.

Closed lives. Encapsulated beings. I’m so tired of being scared to go outside. But hey, what can you do? That’s what life is now.

Saturday, Day 228

What a beautiful gloomy day ! Almost warm. And today, dear fellow writers, not only will I go in my backyard this morning, I will spend the whole day outside.

Flowers, earth and sunshine. No words. Well, not many anyway.

Despite everything, the writing motivation as gone down the drain again.

Here’s the solution: a one day break from the manuscript.

Sunday, Day 229

Not working on the novel this week-end was a great idea.

I know, writer friends, I said I would do a one day break from the YA paranormal novel.

But. Turns out. Gardening takes up a lot of time!

It was lovely. We played outside, made soap bubbles and enjoyed the sun, with some rosé and some quiet time.

There’s a very good chance that our summer will look a lot like today. Lucky for me, for my family, it was an amazing day.

Can’t wait to get back to the manuscript tomorrow.

Oh no, not now. Oh dear no! I can barely keep my eyes open, and it’s not 7:30 pm yet.

Dear writer friends, I wish you all the good words ! Thanks for reading.

Until next time, stay safe and enjoy the sun !

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