A week of Diary of a Writing Project: Chasing a rabbit in a new reality

rabbit are cute when they are not eating this mama writers plants!

Monday, Day 244

A rabbit has invaded the land.

It’s awfully cute.

Awfully hungry.

Awfully munching on my plants !!!

This morning, the furry thing was munching on favorite plant, a morning glory planted late last year. It tries so very hard to grow too!

« It is ON, rabbit. IT. IS. ON. »

I block all the holes. All of them. And I’m brewing a home-made rabbit repellant. Hot-peppers, garlic, soap.

Aaannnddd, I’m thinking of getting a dog. Maybe two.

It was almost a good thing I discovered the very last mischief of the little rascal. For today, kiddo went back to daycare. With masked daycare people, forced to wash her hands outside in the cold, pressured by other parents, also waiting to drop off their kids.

No, no, no, I did not have fun. I didn’t have time to ask any questions. I was not allowed to go comfort my scared, crying kiddo.

The new daycare reality do not meet eye to eye with my core values.

Therefore, finding ways to keep a rabbit away from my backyard was very helpful this morning.

But now, in front of the words, I’m all alone thinking about the tomorrow’s to come, for me, kiddo, my family.

Big thinking. Big questions.

Tuesday, Day 245

Woke up straight from one more dream set in the same place. I was in my grand-parents’ old house. It was sold more than ten years ago. And in one of the dreams, I’m trying to buy it.

In the last dream, I was with friends I’ve never met in real life, but only on the page. Characters from my stories!

One was not happy. A teenager, a Dungeons&Dragons gamer, a character barely present in the current writing project, was trying to point out I should read « Bone », the graphic novel.

Now, I know I need to go a little more in-depth with those characters who are barely appearing. For sure, I’ll re-write the description of this character.

C’mon, fellow writers, let’s get writing !

Oh, and as for the rabbit, I caught him chewing on the chives. So I went outside, armed with a stupid cardboard box, running around behind it like a crazy person. My goal, scare it away from my plants!

I kept a look out, noticed where it got in, and block it with a heavy bag full of earth.

Will it do it? Stay tuned!

Wednesday, Day 246

The morning is growing older, and I’m doing this and that instead of working on the writing project.

I wrote a very surprising, very « where does that come from » scene yesterday. And I simply love it.
But I wonder if it serves the story well.

For the main character, it’s great, because she’s growing out of her initial way of being. She takes a stand against what she endures in silence at the beginning of the adventure.
However, it might feel like a feeler moment, since it’s not directly related to the main adventure.

If I keep the scene, some changes will have to happen. Minor, but still, that would put me a little further away from the new deadline: 31th July.

Let’s write the next scene while pondering the pros and cons.

As for that dang rabbit, I caught him again just this morning, chewing on my morning glory plant AGAIN. I ran after him, chase him off the backyard. I found a new hiding place, and I quickly blocked the way, and now my plants are surrounded by a weak sort of fence made of many plastic pots.

I have enough. It’s time for the non-lethal traps, cayenne pepper and a dog.

Thursday, Day 247

Kiddo has been back to daycare for four days now. And I’ve written more words in the past two days than in the past TWO weeks.

Why? No magic tricks. No hacks, no tips.

Time. I had more time.

I’ve been able to cross things off my ever long to-do list without feeling guilty, pressured, or frustrated.
I’ve hit the road half-an-hour away from home, which felt like a good old road trip.
I’ve had more time for myself in two days than in the past two MONTHS !

Every parent, every mama might especially appreciate what it means…

As the for dang-deli-dang rabbit, dear fellow writers, he was chewing on the long long grass. Granted, the grass is so long now (I’ll mow the lawn tomorrow, promise) it looks a bit like lettuces.

Anyway, I found his hiding place, and took some measures. Not cruel measures. He can hop-hop-hop all he wants, but he cannot eat my plants !!!

Friday, Day 248

It won’t be possible to go back to how the writing things were before the (first, I’m not optimistic) confinement. New reality, new writing routine.

Things to consider:

  • It’s summer and I have more chores to tackle
  • I need to find a paying job

Still, since kiddo will be going to daycare at least for the next two months, I have more time.

Today, that’s what I did: I tackle some of my summer chores (taking care of the lawn, the plants, the vegetable garden, chasing away the dang rabbit) and I thought about my freelance writing business, about other jobs I could do.

I’ve been thinking about officially going for a rough job: stay-at-home-mom.

I’ve never earned much as a freelance writer because I’ve never put all my heart and soul into it. And let’s face it: I’m no businesswoman. I’m no office person either.

What to do, dear fellow writers? What to do ?

Saturday, Day 249

This morning starts with grey clouds and hungry baby birds, calling for food in a less than melodic manner.

Hubby-to-be is drawing, kiddo is watching the Saturday morning cartoons, the mama writer is here with her imaginary friends (good morning dear fellow writers!).

The day went away.

No words were written. But we did jump in puddles.

Sunday, Day 250

Kiddo woke up during the night. I was too lazy-tired to get up, so one thing led to another, I spent several hours trying to get back to sleep, lying down very still, on the very border of the bed.

A bright sunshine is shining good morning between fluffy clouds. A happy, happy day.

It’s gonna be a beautiful day, and I just want to stay in bed, with the words and the stories, with some music. With the curtains close, to help with the feeling guilty to not be outside enjoying the last days of spring.

Big writing plan for this week.

I’m starting to edit and copy proof the YA paranormal project. AND I will keep working on finishing the first draft of the YA paranormal project.

I hope to reach 83k words and edit+copy proof the firsts 5 chapters.

That’s a lot of work, but I’m really motivated to move on with the novel. As much as I love the story, I sometimes feel like throwing it in the garbage.
I need to polish it, and let it rest for a while.

As for me, I won’t let the words rest for long. I’ve put the revision for a story close to my heart for far too long now.

And there’s a new story for kids brewing.

Dear fellow writers, I hope you’re safe, I hope you’re healthy, I wish hope lives in your heart. Let’s find all the words one writer can wish for.

Until next week!

p.s.: The rabbit was munching on the clover covering the front lawn this morning… after I chase him off the back yard lawn.

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