How to Make the Words Work?

Words are just up there in our minds, minding their own word business. An infinity of possibilities swirling around in our human brain.

Are they asking to be great, wonderful, mind-blowing? Breath-taking, mysterious, sublime? Nope!

They simply are. But they don’t know that.

For words, and the other words surrounding them, words are just words. A series of signs put one after the other.

The sole business of a writer is to choose those words in order to tell a story.




« Then why the words don’t work anymore », cries the exhausted mama writer.

Bright Sunshine, Yummy Prose

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Ah! Dear November! How to Create the Writing Mood When You’re NOT in the Mood?

For years, I’ve been researching and testing writing tips.

From the « how to write 5 000 words an hour » to the « how to wake up early to write », I feel like I tried them all.

All those tips have common grounds, such as « have fun writing », « setting realistic writing goals », « stick to your writing routine ». You know the drill, fellow writers, I just know you do!

However, when it comes to finding some tips on how to create the writing mood when you’re NOT in the mood, it gets trickier.

Here’s what I do when I have to write and I need to bring back the writing mood, even though I’m not in the mood.

This happens especially when it gets darker earlier when all the autumn colors have fallen. Ah, dear November!

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And the best time for writing is…?

Let’s seeeEEEeee.

4am? 7 pm? Is it late in the evening? Could it be on Blue Moon Tuesdays?

Since we, writers/writer-parents have to change our writing routine pretty often depending on what the kids are up to, I went into research mode to find out if such a thing as THE Best Time to Write existed.

Early birds, night owls, happy badgers, drum roll. The winner is…

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