Weekly Writing Diary: Writing adventures and punch in the heart

a week that now feel like a month. not word count wise unfortunately

Monday, Day 44

Here we go again, dear writer friends! A new writing week is awaiting, full of adventures and exciting moments.

Positive much today, the mama writer? Heck yeah !

For I need to kick the writing slump in the bottom and get back to it.

I have a sneaky feeling it will go smoother this week, for I’m starting a new job tomorrow and… I’m already looking forward to the weekend.

To tell you the truth, I feel so good right now, I’ll even set myself a writing goal.

I’m at 18K words in the second draft right now and I want to hit 40K by the end of the week.

Better get to it !

Tuesday, Day 45

First day-job day ! How did the writing go ?

Not a word !

It’s all new, so it’s all alright. Can’t wait for Friday !

Wednesday, Day 46

Second day of day-job. Second day I have to drag my butt to that office, while it was agreed I’d be working solely from home.

So far, I’m not able to established a new writing routine.

It’s all too new. Plus, the boss his a nice but demanding old-timer.

May I take a second to share my admiration for health workers and all the others in grocery stores and shopping malls and plants, who have to wear a mask all day since March. I have to wear a mask for a mere 6 hours and it’s not pleasant.

To all those people who’ll never read this, I’ll say it anyway: WOW and THANKS !

Tuesday, Day 47

At last, today is the last day of work.

Going back to being an employee is HARD, fellow writers.

Not being listen to, having to sit and listen to the same story for the fifth time. Oh dear me, Friday could not come soon enough…

And the writing words? Well, a funny thing happened.

While having a glass of wine, I click on the new video of one of my favorite author tuber, Kate Cavanaugh. She had the crazy idea to take on the Milwordy challenge.

According to Wikipedia, the Milwordy challenge was created in 2009 by Dunya, who I guess is (I hope not was) an author.

It’s a writing challenge. To write 1 000 000 words in a year.

Every word counts. Non-fiction words, draft words, revision words, blog post words…

I hope this blog posts won’t become horribly long starting September 1st!!

However, what I hope for is to feel a little more accountable and beat the writing slumps to come.

Friday, Day 48

Let’s all dance, let’s all sing, it’s Friday my dear fellow writers!!

I’m working hard on revision for the chapter who brings the readers in the aftermath of the first major moment between the main character and the ghost.

It was – oh well. And now it’s getting – oh well !

I’m so happy though, fellow writers, for the writing motivation, the need to write, to lose myself in a story, everything is back.

Saturday, Day 49

Decision was made.

To divide a chapter and conquer a tough place. It’s great to, for I’ll be able to deepen the relationship between the main character and her best friend/ex-boyfriend.

Although, I’m a bit disappointed, for it took me a lot of revision, re-writing, re-shuffling to finally come to the conclusion that the first draft version was actually the best way to go for the story.

Ah, and you would think, dear fellow writers, that we learn after that many years of writing and beta-read and so on and so forth!!!

Oh well… !

Sunday, Day 50

One feeling is back. One I did not miss one little bit. The  » Monday » feeling.

Plus, in the couple life, it’s rather stormy right now.

Plus, instead of being able to stay home, I have to go out and mingle with humans.

Those three things put together make me extra-eager to escape in the words.

About 4 hours later…

A very dear friend texted me. « I miss you, call me during nap time ».

I called.

She has cancer.

She’s been receiving treatments since July. Her doctors say they’re optimistic they’ll be able to eradicate it.

She sounds like her usual self. Like it’s a cold with bad side effects, but nothing more then. She’s thinking about her 40th, what stupid thing she’ll do to celebrate. Her words.

What to do? Get off your ass, writer mama. Call more often, get in the car and go spend time with your friend.

Write. Live.

And stop complaining for an hour or two.

Dear fellow writers, I hope you’re well, healthy. I hope all the good words flow your way.

What will this writing week will bring? Stay tune !

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