Weekly Writing Diary: Writing Slump

as the writing slump still hits this mama writer, the morning weather is getting cooler and I dream of fall colours

Monday, Day 37

You know that nagging feeling, fellow writers?

That feeling of forgetting something you promised yourself you weren’t gonna forget?

In front of the ex-YA project revision, or surrounded by the handwritten (so far) MG Fantasy project, I keep… doing something else. Like trying to write a post, erase it, try again only to erase it again.

At some point, I stopped everything and forced myself to understand what the heck was my problem today.

Kiddo’s at daycare, day-job starts in a week, chores have been taking care off. Even the freaking lawn have been taking care of.

What is the matter?

Fellow writers, the matter is: I need to do nothing BUT I feel ultra-guilty about it, because I should be taking advantage of every free minute I have to write, to revise more chapters, to come up with a self-publishing marketing plan.




Tuesday, Day 38

Well, there’s two things to say.

First: I didn’t wrote much today.

Second: an explosion occur in Beyrouth; my heart and soul aches.

Wednesday, Day 39

The writing day came and went, and I didn’t take advantage of it.

Writing slump getting clumpier.

That’s pretty much all there is to say about it.

Tuesday, Day 40

An unplanned thing to do today. I won’t lie, even though I barely wrote a word the past few days, it’s still writing time taken away.

For a something pretty darn trivial too.

Grumpy grumble grumble grumpy.

Friday, Day 41

Peace is back in the kingdom of the mama « stop-playing-video-games-and-write » writer.

As I am, once again, trying to write and finding myself without even a faint glow of motivation, I’m left wondering…

About writers and writing cycles and the writing world we live in, dear fellow writers.

Wondering and wishing for fall weather.

Saturday, Day 42

A writing retreat ! Have you ever, dear fellow writers, went to a writing retreat?

I’m not talking about the writing retreat where several writers (often female writers) get together in a large cabin, write and drink and etc.

Nope, I’m more talking about a month-long, or three months long solo writing retreat. Just you and the words, in a cabin quite far from house chores and other daily routines delights.

It sounds good, it sounds like the solution to my present writing slump. But it’s not.

There’s one solution.

And the solution is: keep writing !!!

Sunday, Day 43

I feel like doing something unproductive and a bit stupid.

I feel like going through the notes of my incomplete writing projects from the past. Assess the situation. See if it’s worth going back to it.

Then make a crazy, stupid, unrealistic, wonderful plan. Not the best for one’s writing goals, for sure!

Dear fellow writers, this wasn’t a great writing week. It was the last day-job free week too.

Will having less time help boost the writing motivation? Staaaay tune !

I wish a great writing week. May all the good words flow our way. Until next time !

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