How to Halloween this Year?

how to trick or treat during a pandemic? I'm a parent who's wondering about that... and found some ideas so kids can enjoy dressing up and hunt for candy, and some decorations in the neighbourhood too

Believe it or not, around here, they canceled Halloween last year.

Because it was supposed to be raining like crazy.

Yep. True story (I know, coming from a writer, it might sounds suspicious, but it’s the honest – and a bit sad – truth). That’s what happen in my little north-americas francophone bubble.

Halloween canceled because of a weather prediction (that turned out to not happened. at all. oh dear big G’s up there…).

Now, you just know where I’m going with this, aren’t you?

How to trick or treat during an horrible, deadly, sad pandemic ?

First things first, for those who haven’t been around this writer’s blog before: hello and welcome! Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I’m not selling squat.
I will not give you a free e-book about this blog topic if you accept to follow my blog (thank you if have!) and, Very Important: I’m no expert on how to cope with the horrible-ness that comes with a pandemic, nor in how to raise kiddo’s, or create kiddo’s activities or else.

Many scientific and trained professionals can help us learn how to cope, how to heal.

And many people are way better at helping other with their kiddos than I am!

I usually talk about writing novels here, since my ultimate career goal is to earn a living selling novels, mostly middle-grade ones.

Today though, the news are pretty bad. From everywhere in the world, the news are bad.

And somehow, I wanted to make something fun. Something simple. Something to help me take a bad news brake.

Halloween, a big topic in this house since the early apparition of pumpkins on the neighborhood front porch, yards, and balcony, popped in my head.

There you go then ! Here’s just an humble mama writer, facing the same big problem as everyone else on Earth. Literally.

Dealing with day-to-day life and holidays and family traditions during a pandemic. And sharing ideas, and maybe make you smile a little!

Let’s save the kid’s Halloween !

Do you really think you can cancel kids Halloween plan, Ministers of this world?

Pandemic or not, rain or not, Halloween is happening every year on October 31st.

After I started to be too old to trick or treat, I started to hate Halloween.

Then I became a parent and I joyfully renewed with my second favorite holiday when I was a kid. I want my kid to have great Halloween memories! Not the best, not the most perfect. Just fun adventures and goofy pictures. Plus, amazing costumes!

This year, no choice. It’s either we adapt and make the best of what’s coming and taking all precautionary measures imaginable.

Or we forget Halloween.

That holiday might not mean a lot, but it’s a fun tradition, a night to wear a costume, put goofy make-up on, laugh with friends and eat one too many candy.

However, this year, no trick or treating door to door. Therefore, not giving candy at the door either.

What’s a mama to do?

Research some ideas to make Halloween happen anyway, and ask some neighbours to play along!

Thinking outside the pumpkin

When a pandemic throw all sort of shittyshitshenanigans at you, think Easter Bunny.

Time for a candy hunt !

I ask the neighbors if, on Halloween day, I could hide some candy in their front yard (my own candy, of course). Come time to trick or treat, I would then ring the bell, have my kid show off an awesome costume, and then off for the candy hunt.

Now, I live in a friendly neighborhood. Plus, my kid is very young, so we’re not going far. But I’m sure some parents or teachers have taught of doing something similar. Have you ?

Halloween game

This safe-for-everyone-candy-hunt will be paired, in my case, with a Halloween Treasure Hunt. This idea comes from the good people at Party Expert.

Very simple. With a list of decorations (find 3 ghosts, 2 skeletons, or how many illuminated pumpkins can we find) and you go hunt for them, both in the neighborhood and at home.

Some decorations on the list, we hunt in the streets. Others are hidden in the house (and will be used come next Halloween).

For our indoor Halloween hunt, I’ll DIY things and upcycled stuff. A couple of things really.

Empty bean cans make the prettiest little floating ghost or funky pumpkins (thanks Chirp’s magazine for that idea!).

How to give candy… without, hum… giving candy?

Crazy fun ideas are going around on social medias! I’m barely on the socials, but hubby-to-be is showing me some wonderful things!

My idea to give candy without contact is not near creative. Just plainly effective (I hope) and not too depressive (I wish).

As I said, writing to you is the mama of a youngster. So answering the door to give candy past 7pm is out of the question for now.

In the past years, I used to put a very big bowl of candy outside the door, with a big sign asking to just pick 3 treats. (Again, I live in a friendly neighborhood). Around 8pm, I would turn off all the lights and took the remaining candy back in my bedroom… for safekeeping, of course.

This year, the set-up will be a bit different, but it’s the same idea. A big bowl of candy alongside some classic hand sanitizer, set on a decorated table, standing guard near the street.

How to be a good human during a pandemic?

Bad news have that sad things in common: hatred.

Hate seems to be gaining on us humans.

I hate waiting on line to get food. I hate having to disinfect the park bench when I need to sit. I hate that I have to tell kiddo we still can’t hug grandma.

How to get rid of that hatred feeling creeping on everything else?

How to be a good human?

Well… let me do some research, and I’ll get back to you!

Thanks many many times to have taken the time to read this post. With all my heart, I hope the words were able to make you smile once or twice.

Dear fellow writers and readers, until next time, happy celebrating the little moments bringing smiles into our lives.

Happy Halloween!

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