Weekly Writing Diary: Distraction, Ultimate Writer Foe

Monday, Day 86

Day job is frustrating. Six hours a day, I feel frustrated. Then it takes hours for that feeling to make way for… utter tiredness.

Going from being a freelance writer to working for a boss, even if it’s from home, is just… impossible.

« One more week. One more week. »

Tuesday, Day 87

Ok, time to be real.

Writing is harder than ever for me these days.

Instead of getting up early and write… Instead of writing when come the planned time to do so…

I’m thinking about dozens and hundred of things. I make wish lists, I pin ideas.

In short, I waste my time instead of writing.

Time to shake it of, writer mama, and get back to the writing business.

Wednesday, Day 88

Fall is here. Officially anyway. In our very small town, we’ve been enjoying autumn weather for a while now.

All I wanna do is take long walks, buy Halloween decorations (even though it might be recommended by the government to not go « trick or treating » this year) and… … oh yeah, write.

Of course, of course, I have to write. I want to finish rough drafting MG novel before Christmas. Finish the revision of the YA paranormal before New Year’s Eve.

Yes, of course.

But have you seen, dear fellow writers, the colours in that maple tree?

Tuesday, Day 89

A year ago, I started writing a novel. A YA paranormal.

I was a freelance writer back then, and not a very prolific one either!

Little did I know, I was going to live the worst Christmas Holidays of my humble life. I was going to get crazy sick in January. I was going to cancel a In Vitro procedure.

We were going to be hit by a pandemic.

What I’ve learned since then?

The outmost importance of enjoying every moment, even the less fun, the boring, the frustrating ones.

Friday, Day 90

I bought fall flowers.

More importantly, I was able to let go, even the mental load, without feeling guilty about it. A first for this mama writer!

No to-do list. No schedule. No work.

All thanks to a weird dream really! I woke up at 4:30 am and wrote for an hour or two.

Progress is slow, both on the revision and on the rough drafting.

But its progress.

Saturday, Day 91

A beautiful « summer feel like » day. Warm weather and a cool brise.

We played, we talked to the neighbours, we enjoyed the wonderful fall smells in the air.

Sunday, Day 92

Morning wish: stay in bed and write all day, in the company of a good mug of tea and some old movies.

Morning reality: in bed loosing time online, listening to the wind in the tree leaves, writing this instead of working on the revision.

Now, the sun has rise and the geese are flying low toward the water.

Last night, hubby-to-be asked if I was interested in writing murder mysteries, because he was reading one and taught I could do a better job than the author… oh well, that SO remains to be seen.

Dear fellow writers, around here things are bad again, pandemic wise. What change it will bring around, I dare not make any predictions.

I dearly hope you and your loved ones are safe.

May all the good the words be with you. Have a great writing week everyone !

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