How to Beat a Blogging Slump? (Seriously, How?)

Being a writing slump is something, but I find a blogging slump is worst! I used to always have something to blog about and, all of a sudden, pouf, no more blog posts ideas. How to beat a blogging slump?

Of course it would happen!

I’ve been writing blog post after blog post for my new blog, which I hope like many others to turn into a… success? (With a failure rate for new blogs of 99%, well… let’s stay positive and say it’s challenging).

And looking for keywords, keywords, keywords.
And learning to deal with Google Analytics, Metadata, HTLM.
And spying endlessly on the competition.
And trying to find a fresh twist on subjects that, really… had enough fresh twists as it is.

Of course I would get into a blogging slump.

Silly me.

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Blogging Slump, Be Gone

Being in a blogging slump is, for sure, a first for me.

Even when I got stuck with a writing project, I had something to blog about. Either sharing some writing tips and stuff, or just random rambling, it was fun, easy.

More so, it never felt… redundant. Even though I’m quite aware many of my weekly writing diary posts might sound pretty much the same.

Like many other people trying to put things together in order to launch their business and start paying back the debts, I tried to do everything as fast as possible.

I cured myself of that bad habit with writing novels, but not with… pretty much everything else.

One good example of this is my real first vegetables garden, which I planted with my kiddo this summer.

First, I planted a month too late. Two, I let kiddo put seeds almost anywhere, way too close together. The results was Tomatoes Invasion!

Oh dear, there were everywhere. Aside from one cucumber and a dozen green beans, nothing else grew much.

I’m making a First Garden mistake by not sticking to my how-to-get-there business plan much.

And I should stick to the plan, because it took time and efforts to make. Plus, no one would like to failed at starting a business twice… in a row.

How to Beat a Blogging Slump?

Would calming myself the heck down work?

Like, work the planned six hours a day on the business blog. Oh, and keep my eyes on the finish-that-second-draft prize I’m determined to get before Christmas.

Slowing the learning new skills pace will certainly help me feel less stressed about that big goal either.
Although I really want to take Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass (I’m probably the last aspiring author on Earth to have not taken that class yet!).

Last but not least, I’ll revise the blog posts and try a great tip by blogger and business woman Henneke from Enchanting Marketing: finding new blog posts ideas within the content I already created.

That’s what I intend to do for now. As for the effectiveness of it all, I will keep you posted, fellow writers.

I wish you good health, and may all the good words be with you all. Take care !

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