Words Underneath the Mistletoe

Every year, when the Holiday season is upon us, I have to do it.

I have to buy clementines, which I will then eat every day until Christmas.

I read a Poirot novel AND watch the entire tv series with awesome actor David Suchet.

And so many other little traditions I made up over the years to fight the gloom, the family pressure (oh so you’re still single?)

This year, very unexpectedly, I’ve started to write a Christmas rom-com novel in November. I’m enjoying it so much I might actually keep going and give the whole rom-com novelist thing a try.

Yes Toto, we’re far from YA and MG writing projects!

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The Mistletoe Moment

Making money as an author, traditionally, self-published, or both, is a very though.

Some novel genres tend to sell better, or more consistently than others. Romance is one of them. Whatever the changes the book world is going through, romance (and erotica) sell well.

Back when I choose to take writing as a job, I knew I had to start writing in a genre that was sure-sell.

I failed to a frustrating point. My writing projects were mediocre copies of my favorite rom-com. No matter how hard I tried, I would always end up asking myself « how did Nora Ephron made it look so simple? ».

The current rom-com writing project is… different.

black friday

Write What You Know

I don’t totally agree with that statement: write what you know.

However, I do believe we, dear fellow writers, we should write with our hearts.

I love writing YA and MG novels because every crazy dream is still possible in a young human heart. I simply love the burning fire that makes middle-graders, teenagers, young adults even gather their courage and go for what they believe in. To follow their dreams even though they’ll end up hurt, crushed, half-destroyed. Like every grown-up I know.

The main character in the rom-com writing project still has that fire, and I think that’s why it works so well. She decided to not be content with the cynical unfair, unjust world the vast majority of us agree to some extent to live in.

Of course she’ll meet a man who doesn’t share her feisty ways. OF COURSE !!!

I’m telling you, fellow writers, this unexpected writing project is pure joy and fun. Just what the doctor ordered for this curiouser and curiouser holiday time we live in.

Thanks for reading, I am most grateful. Good health, and good words fellow writers!

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