The Phantasmagorical Revision Retreat

a phantasmagorical revision retreat is something every writer probably dream of, and probably every week during the day job, either remote working or working from home. Finishing this revision has been my goal for so long, I wanna be done!

Just a bit of time and a lot nothing else to-do-but.

That’s just what I need to finish revising the YA paranormal project.

Picture it: a comfortable cabin lost in the wood, close to a small quiet lake, surrounded by soft hills covered in a blanket of trees.

A soft, fluffy snowfall. A fire burning (with ecological logs; every little step counts!). A tiny desk set just beside a window with a view of the peaceful scenery. Me, revising away in my natural habitat, that is to say, my pajamas.

Have you noticed? Yep, that’s right. There’s no chores, no day job and, cherry on this phantasmagorical sundae, I’m alone!

Revision Interrupted

Things change. Need I say it?!!!

Not so long ago, I could write for an hour and half before dawn with very little interruption from hubby-to-be or kiddo. The first would get his coffee, the later would watch tv shows with great focus.

Now, kiddo comments, dance, sing, laugh or run in my arms with little notice because something « scary » is happening behind the screen.

As for hubby-to-be, he upgraded his morning routine in order to motive him to think about exercising.

Which, I’m sure he does.

Think about it I mean.

Of course, the constant interruptions makes revising even more difficult. Ends a change of writing routine.

A very tough thing to do for yours truly!

But I need to finish this project. I have to, I have to if I want to move on, without a smudging of guilt, with the Christmas rom-com writing project.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Writing Motivation

As predicted, I’m struggling to find writing motivation, for many reasons. The first, major reason is the feeling that I will be interrupted before I can really get to work.

Second reason: the Holiday to-do list. Which is crazy because as of today, December 1st, I’m done with the Holiday craze!

Done! I planned, I followed the plan. Done!

However, the nagging « didn’t I forget something » feeling won’t quit nagging, taking up a lot of writing focus.

Last but not least: YA paranormal fatigue. I’ve been reading the same story almost every single day for over a year now and yeah, as much as I love them characters, I’m longing for new adventures.

Outlining the Christmas rom-com writing project is so much simple, easy-going, writing fun. A woman obsessed with work, a man who’s torn between saving the family business or go work abroad for a friend vineyard. You get yourself a lovely bed&breakfast and lovely village against the woman’s company project. You had a crucial deadline cross-road moment for the woman. Sprinkled that with Christmas cheers (and weather). Et voilà!

A sweet Christmas rom-com cliché as heck of a novel. And I don’t care ! Right now, all I want is having fun writing.

But first…. re-vi-siooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon…………………………………..

What I wouldn’t give for that phantasmagorical revision retreat this week. Although let’s be real, I wouldn’t last two seconds without kiddo and hubby-to-be.

There some constant interruptions I just don’t want nor can live without.


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