Diary of a Writing Project: Burden of Words

A profession comes with many obligations. Acting like a professional writer means sitting our bum and write, even if we don't feel like it, even if the words are not as good as we wish they were. It means pushing through, accepting rejection and keep going. Because giving up is not an option.

Agatha Christie once said that she « accepted the burden of a profession ». Like it or not, in the writing mood or not, she would sit down and write.
And she would keep writing even though she didn’t like what was happening on the page.

Now, it’s one way to look at what needs to be done to be a professional writer I guess, but one that never cease to haunt me.

Sit down and write, I say to myself almost every day, even if the words are bad, even if you’re constantly interrupted, even if you’re not in 1920 and the world of books has changed a great big fridgin’ deal since then.

However, in the past few weeks, I kind of look down on my writing ambitions. After all, let’s be real, it is in fact crazy to want to earn a living writing novels.

I found myself many, many other things to do. Finding a new day job, chores… the usual excuses.

If I had a word for all that time I’ve waisted making excuses instead of getting to work, the YA paranormal revision would be done!

Hard at Work… Almost

In the fireplace, a little fire is dancing the afternoon away. With a nice minus ten degree Celsius outside, it’s a blessing. A beautiful, warm, dancing blessing.

Writing this post kicked my writing motivation in the butt… a little. At last, I finished revising a chapter. A first in a week or so.

If I am to earn a living writing novels, I ought to get the writing habit going again. I know that.

I also know it’s December. The exact same lack of writing motivation happened to me last year. Although last year, surprisingly enough giving our current 2020 circumstances, I was in much-much-much darker place than I am now.

Because in 2020, I finished writing a novel. I started two other writing projects that give me joy. And, I’ll be forever grateful for being so incredibly lucky, my family is healthy and safe.

The revision might take a week or two more than plan, but not much more than that. I know I can do it.

For now, I’ll keep the words of Agatha Christie in mind. Sit my bum down. Write when it’s time to do so, even if I don’t feel like it, even if the words are not as good as I wished them to be.

After all, every quest must come to an end. So a new one can begin!

Dear fellow writer, thank you so very much for tagging along and taking the time to read this post. I hope you and your loved ones are safe and in good health.

May all the good words flow your way!

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