A Rom-Com Novel Writing Project: January

Outlining a Rom-Com Christmas After the Holidays

How are you doing, fellow writers?

I ask because around here, like pretty much everywhere in North America, we’re living in what seems to be both a nerve-racking and heart-breaking reality.

Curfew. Non-essential stores closed. Kids wearing masks.

Weather wise, it felt like spring for two weeks. Then, winter woke up.

Just as well. Tea is better when it’s cold outside.

In the midst of it all, writing has been the most needed and perfect of comfort. Almost as comforting as wrapping myself in a fuzzy blanket with a good novel, a comfy armchair and a warm cup of tea – of course!

Thinking of it, you know what? In the realm of Ultimate Comfort, writing and reading novels are equals. There!

Now, speaking of writing, how strangely fun it is to outlined a Christmas RomCom in the middle of January? Very!

Let it Snow, Let it Snow !

Living North of the US border, winter is usually very cold and very snowy.

Let’s say it helps to keep the Christmas spirit mode on!

Now, for the first time in… two decades I think, I started a writing project destined to be read by adults. I was both nervous and excited about going into what seemed to be a new writing process altogether.

Since that time of year itself is super-charged with emotions and the timeline, set in stone, I find it easier to outline the big moments.

Plus, it’s a Christmas Romantic Comedy! If it’s a challenge to write funny scenes, writing romantic moments on the other end seem to flow naturally. I’ve always been a fan of romantic comedy, and romantic moments overall, so there’s the why.

I’m not a fan of romance novels, but I do love my Rom-Com movies. I used to watched all of them. Over and over again.

Even when I was a kid, I would always wait impatiently for the kissing moment. I must say when I was a kid, we were watching loads of Japanese anime – ah, « Lady Oscar », « Hutchi », « Maya l’Abeille »!

I’m having a lot of fun… outlining at least!

Outlining this particular writing project feels a bit like writing a movie. I’m setting the decor, the light, the extras that will feed the A and B plots.

Draft will surely be more challenging.

Is it Fun to Write a Novel For Adults?

Every time I sat down to work on the Rom-Com, the same question came around. Will I have fun writing a book for adults.

I’m a 35 to 44 years myself. I enjoy many book genre, but my heart is still set on literature for young audiences.

It’s not my first attempt to write a romantic-comedy novel. Every time before, I would go the library (when it was open) or buy novels that sounded promising, or in the realm of my own writing project. 99% of the time, I abandoned the book a mere fifty pages in.

Too predictable, drab writing, flat characters, none of my picks tickle my avid reader curiosity.

Promise, I won’t skip all the chapters up to the kissing scene. I’ll try anyway.

Dear fellow writers, thanks for tagging along and taking the time to read my writing ramblings.

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Writing away and reading books. Joy! Écrire à tout vent et lire des romans. Joie!

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