Before the Sun

In the early morning, before the sun rises, the words are like little sparkles, quiet even with there light.

It makes me so happy when I can wake up before the sun to work on a writing project. Well, when I can wake up by myself that is.

Being woken up by a kiddo climbing on me and then grabbing my head for a hug – it’s adorable, although I do wish I wouldn’t get hit on the nose, cheeks or eyes so often – puts me in a quite less creative writing mood.

Anyway, waking up alone in the dark, sometimes wrapped in many blankets to keep the early morning cold feeling at bay, with only the characters and me and the wonderful world of imagination makes me feels happy.

I would even go a bit spiritual on you, dear fellow writers, and say that writing while the sky slowly brighten makes me feel like I’m at the right place, doing what I’m supposed to do.

True, being able to work on creative writing project always makes me feel that way, but it feels particularly true when the morning stars are getting ready for bed time.

There’s still several hours to go before I have to get kiddo ready for day-care, or get ready myself for the day job – when I have one that is. And somehow tea always taste better before the sun rises.

I’m getting things ready the evening before, so when I open the laptop, the first thing I see is the writing project I wanna work on. It’s help not being tempted to take a quick look at the to-do list of the day, or go check my emails quickly-quickly.

Sure, after a while I will go say hello to the #5amwritersclub on Twitter for five minutes or so. It’s encouraging to know that other writers are looking for the words too.

Or I will come here, and share the writing happiness with you, dear fellow writers.

There, I did it, and I hope these words finds you well and safe, with all the good words at the tips of your fingers.

Until next time !

Auteur : Marie Alice

Writing away and reading books. Joy! Écrire à tout vent et lire des romans. Joie!

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