Hey, Writer Dream! May I Present Burnout? Burnout, Writer Dream. (let’s hope everybody gets along…)

One Wednesday morning, I got out of a building.

Bunch of teenagers were eating fast food on picnic tables set in front of the « snack attack » kinda pun-sadly named local fast-food.

Walking on the side-walk, with all the adult-pride I could muster, I fought to get hold of the cellphone, as usual lost deep down in the Jane Austen Quote tote bag I carry everywhere instead of a grown-up purse.

I dislike purses. A lot.


See, dear fellow writers, I had loads to tell to hubby-to-be (will 2022 be our wedding year ? finger crossed!). For, during my rendez-vous with the psychologue, I had a breakthrough.

A hard-core, heart-breaking, writer-dream shattering breakthrough.

To be Burned Out

As some point during the conversation, the psy said: « You’re not helping yourself by treating writing as a job. You’re burned out. »

Only then, after nearly two months of counselling, did it finally sinked in.

Burned out.

No more energy to burn, no more light to show the way.

I’ve been in a state of extreme exhaustion, I was feeling down all the time. And the writing productivity was greatly reduced. I was that angry all the time person you don’t want to talk to, the yelling mom the neighbours judge (mine anyway!), the impatient and very snappy wife-to-be guys don’t enjoy hanging out with.

My heart was sinking in darkness.

Imagination is still working though, full steam ahead !



Burnout, say hello to my writer dreams. Looks like we gonna be together a while.

How to Rest ?

On vacations, I’m the kind of gal to go see places, to hike, to road trip to that small local cheese factory/store, that alpacas farm, that microbrewery.

On staycations, I clean, I buy stuff for the yard, I planned activities.

In short, I never really rest and do nothing. A real dichotomict thing since I’ve been longing lately to just do that: nothing.

Learning to rest is strange, especially is this warp-speed era.

But then again, I love to learn.

Dear fellow writers, I hope with all my heart you’re safe, healthy, and may all the good words flow your way.

Au revoir et à bientôt !

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