How to Get Back to Writing After a Long Break

A month without a word went by.

Maybe a little note here and there, a vague idea par-ci, par-là.

To be honest, dear fellow writers, getting back to writing feels a bit daunting.

However, if you’ve been around this blog, you know I went into research mode before writing a single word !

How to Get Back to Writing?

Here it goes!

  • Make Sure You’re Ready

    Life happens. A new baby, a full-frontal burnout, a broken heart.
    Before getting back to writing, it will help to make sure we’re at peace with ourselves – more or less, of course. Although in this case, More is definitely better !
    Writing because the heart longs for the simple, wonderful joy of seeing words, and all the worlds they hold, on the page. That’s how I knew I was ready.
  • Expect a Slow Start

    It will be slow. Like every muscle of our bodies, the writing muscle gets rusty after a while.
    Words will sound weird, sentence will look awful. The first writing sessions will end with the tiniest word count ever.
    If we keep writing without judging ourselves from our past writing productivity peaks, we’ll get the writing muscle back in shape in no time!

  • Set New Realistic Writing Goals

    Sometimes when getting back to something we deeply loved to do, we set the expectations way too high.
    Setting realistic goals let us have a smoother dive into the writing novel land.
    And… when I say « Realistic », I mean being honest with our own reality.

    In my reality, considering my mental health issue, responsibilities and so on and so forth, my new writing goals will be down right oh-so-friendly!
    Writing’s gotta be my ultimate happy place right now.

Bonus Tips !

  • Clean up the work space
  • Read through your writing project before writing-editing-revising
  • Phone off, Internet off, kids off with partner

Dear fellow writers, I hope with all my heart you are well, safe and healthy in your corner of the world. May all the good words be with you!

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