Once Upon a Time, in a Writer’s Heart…

A friend lended me a book.

Well, three really. It was the longest novel I’d been in contact with.

I was twelve. The title was: « The Lord of the Rings« .

In a Writer’s Heart

I finished the novels within a week. When I closed the last book, I remember vividly thinking two things.

One : this was the most amazing novel I’ve ever read.

Two : I wanted more than anything in the world to create stories that made people feel the way I was feeling. Overjoyed. Amazed. Hopeful.
My little 12 years heart was bursting with all those exhilarating emotions. All because of a story written by an Oxford University teacher.

I already knew I wanted to be a writer. I learned then what kind of writer I wanted to be.

Fantasy Worlds

Every time I’m trying to write outside the Fantasy realms, the endeavour seems to fail.

The best exemple would be my recent attempts to write a contemporary Christmas rom-com. It was so boring it soon became a chore to put words one after the other.

Something had to be done.

Like… witches?

Once Upon a Time

Twelve days before Christmas (because us, Christmas rom-com novels/movie aficionados, we do enjoyed cozy déjà-vu clichés), an unlikely meeting occur in an unlikely place.

After the meet cute part, my Christmas rom-com story wasn’t going anywhere really.

The characters had no place to grow, to change, to make an actual good story. They were merely waiting for the big kissing finally.

Now, Main Character is going on the « where Christmas magic happens » road.

And writing romantic comedy for adult readers finally feel rights.

Dear fellow writers, it has been a while since I had the privilege of sharing the tra deri dera of my writers life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart to have taken the time to read this little writing-process thing.

I hope you and everyone you hold dear are safe and happy. May all the good words flow your way.

Until next time!

Auteur : Marie Alice

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