Sharing the Book Love About « Instead of Three Wishes »

Wonderful Stories, Beautiful Writing!

Blogging might not be as popular as it use to be, but it sure holds wonders to explore.

A book blogger – I forgot the name, I’m very sorry! – mentioned this « Instead of Three Wishes » and for some reason, even though I read loads of book reviews and look a LOT of book cover (this mama writer’s going hybrid), I immediately purchase that one.

I rarely buy short stories books. Too often, I would read one or two stories and lose interest.

However, this BOOK ! Oh so so soooo awesome!

Fantasy short stories? I’m in big time.


Author Megan Whalen Turner is a wonderful writer.

Simplicity in writing is a hard thing to achieve and she’s able to reach it in very flowing yet intriguing way. Every sentence makes you want to keep reading.

It was impossible for my writer-self to not wonder, with a dash of envy, « How does she do it » at the end of each story.

She’s also a master at creating incredible characters. It was such a delight to follow them in their extraordinary, mysterious, delightful fantasy adventures.

Hail to the Book Blogger Community!

I follow a good deal of book bloggers out there. Of course, time flies and I can’t read all the reviews, nor buy every book that tickles my endless hunger for wonderful stories.

However, every now and then, luck strikes, all thanks to a dedicated member of the Book Blogger Community.

To that person who first shares a review about « Instead of Three Wishes », many, many thanks.

It has been a while since I read such a wonderful, beautiful book. Those characters and their stories, the amazing imagination of author Whalen Turner are a rare find. I am so very grateful for that book!

Dear fellow writers, and readers, until next time!

Auteur : Marie Alice

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