Writing Adventures Day 3: Back-to-School

Dealing with the back-to-school new schedule

It looked like a tiny little star.

My kiddo’s heart. The first time I saw it, sitting most awkwardly in a medical chair which – I don’t know how – someone had successfully stuck in the smallest room of the fertility clinic.

A tiny star blinking fast.

It could have been a little shooting star, some hope just passing by.

Lucky us, the tiny little star stayed. And grew.

Today, my kid is starting kindergarten.

Of course, I was expecting the excitement, the mama tears.

But not the time-consuming aspect of getting ready to go to school.

What’s Happening Here?

For four years, kiddo went to daycare nearly every morning.

Therefore, it was not that farfetched to think that, getting out of the house on the first day of school would go easy.

Nope. Some crying, some yelling, some clothes sorting major issues. And don’t get me started about the « convince the kid to eat breakfast » bit.

I dont’t to talk about it. I don’t want to remember it. I’m veiling it. There.

Almost every second, I was thinking « what’s happening? ». What’s the drama here.

It was just the first day of school.

Big Shoes, Little Shoes

Thing is, I forgot to try and put myself in my kiddos shoes, the same way I do with the characters in a story.
If only I have tried to remember how I felt when I started kindergarten and all the school years that came after, the morning would have been way less writing routine disruptive.

How did I use to feel on my first school day of the year?

Stress and fear. Excitement too. But mostly stress and fear.

Would I make any friends? Would I be able to learn anything?

Like most of the other kids around me, I quickly forgot about the fear and stress as soon as the bell rang and the teacher made us do some activities.

I have wonderful memories of kindergarten and first grade. My teachers were simply amazing. In first grade especially, I still think today it’s because of the proud smiles of my teacher when she read my sentences that I became a writer.

New Schedule for Everyone

It’s our very first back-to-school. I guess I should have been more prepared for the emotions it would stir.

Considered me educated AND warned!

Today was also a new schedule day. Since I knew it would affect my writing routine (not to this extend but still), I planned accordingly.

Nevertheless, I would have to push it a tiny bit tomorrow to meet my writing goals.

Promise, I won’t go crazy, especially just after writing a post about forcing myself to stop writing before I burn all this beautiful creative energy all up again!

Upwards, onwards and until next time fellow writers!

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