Writing Adventures Day 4: How to Keep Up with Writing Goals While Looking For a New Day Job?

It's not everyday we make life changing decision, but today was one of those days. How to keep up with the writing goals while starting a new job is topic I explore

It wasn’t planned at all.

Maybe it was in the air for a while and I ignored it.

In the middle of a pretty happy morning, I left my laptop on the kitchen table, where I find myself working these days, and went straight to hubby-to-be’s office.

There I declared I was done working freelance. He said ok.

I think he knew before I did.

Why Quitting the Work-from-Home Dream?


Years of trying.

Trying, again and again.

Only to fail, again and again.

At some point, you have to be gracious enough toward yourself to simply wrap it up…

… and move on.

Done fighting with guilty feelings. I’m done. Time to put an end to the devouring financial stress.

Maybe I didn’t plan well enough. Maybe my timing was just wrong. Maybe I’m not a businesswoman.

(Oh wait, I know I’m NOT a business gal!)

Anyway. There. Done.

Is it just me or is there more air in the world right now?

How to Keep Up?

New day job, new writing schedule. I know.

Indeed, I wrote a post about adjusting to a new writing schedule… hum, it was literally yesterday for me.

How fast our world can change. In my case, as fast as it takes to lock eyes with yet another « sorry but we’ve decided to go in another direction » email.

My main concern soon became how I would keep up with my writing goals since I planned my writing time around my working freelance schedule.

Turns out, once I calmed down a bit, I realized I could have even more time to write.

As long as I choose the day job accordingly.

It means a near-stress-free day job.

No crazy deadlines – just the sound of those words makes me wanna dance!

In fact, no craziness whatsoever – what the heck, let’s crank up ABBA (don’t judge me).

Because, for me anyway, to keep up with those ambitious writing goals of mine, that’s what I have to do.

To keep up with my writing while working, I have to look for a day job that :

  • gives me more peace of mind regarding the monthly payments
  • is in a field I’m genuinely interested in,
  • doesn’t consume my every waking (or sleeping) hour,
  • keeps my energy level up
  • is fun, easy going and motivating

I am willing to go on that path also because my main goal is not to make a 6 figures salary. It never was.

Don’t get me wrong, it would be great to have enough money so I could write and read all day, take care of the garden and go for very long hikes in the woods with my family.

However, I rather get an easy-going day job and earn less than many successful bloggers out there.

And have time to write, be with my family, to volunteer at my kiddo school.

At the end of the day, I will rather be happy than rich.

Peaceful Heart & Soul

To describe to you, fellow writer… the incredible feeling of peace, of calm that overcame my little heart and soul after the decision was made.

It felt like taking off a very heavy scuba.

I swear my whole body felt lighter.

With this newly acquired peace of mind of mine came an incredible feeling of freedom.

The freedom to write my stories, in my words, without worrying about the algorithms.

I really really like sharing writing tips and hacks and funny writing adventures with you, fellow writers.

Thanks for being here, thanks for reading. Until next time!

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