Writing Adventures Day 7: The Pros and Cons of Daily Writing Goals

the pros, the cons: they all there to helps us make the decision for ourselves and our entourage. Writing goals also have their pros and cons. I briefly explore them in this post.

Where to begin?

Since I rather like happy endings, I shall leave the pros for the end.

The Cons of Daily Writing Goals

1- It can become a bit stressful to make the writing goal of the day…

2- … as well as it can become discouraging when we can’t make it.

3- Sometimes it can even be counter-productive since we might write-on just for the sake of making the daily writing goal happen, thinking we’ll revise it later.

That’s why I tend now to not only use the daily writing goals as motivation.

I set some weekly writing goals too, as well as giving myself a little reward if I, at least, got halfway there.

Now For The Pros

1- As mentioned above, it’s a great way to feed the writing motivation.

2- Seeing daily progress is really encouraging, especially when re-writing or revising/editing

3- It is a sort of daily pep talk that helps get out of bed before dawn or get to it after a long day job day.

I keep the daily writing goals count in a school-type notebook, where notes about research or friendly reminder can be added.
True, I could do that on the computer, but hey, I’m a vintage pen and paper mama!

If you think « daily writing goals » are a bit vague, it’s on purpose! They can vary depending on what kind of week lies ahead. Writing goals set in stone are too stressful for me!

It also depends on what I write, the time I have to do so, and how long the parent-teacher reunion will last.

For now, the way I planned the daily writing goals is still working for me, but, September is setting in, and with it, a whole new era for my family and me.

It may certainly change a bit as the weeks go by.

So far, so good! Thanks so very much for being here, it means the world.

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