Writing Adventures Day 12: When It’s Impossible to Fall Back Asleep

1:30 am.

Kiddo’s music box is blasting.
Hubby-to-be sleep machine sounds like a winter storm.

And I’m thinking I should erase the last 40 000 words of the novel I’ve been working on for two years.

Just because it makes sense, all of sudden, to get those characters together.

Let’s hope I’m not wrong on this and readers will like it.

Otherwise… I should have just tried to get back to sleep.

I shall talk about it in more detail when I get some sleep because right now, Grammarly is working so hard it’s nearly embarassing.

Until next time, may all the good words flow your way!

Auteur : Marie Alice

Writing away and reading books. Joy! Écrire à tout vent et lire des romans. Joie!

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